Obama Rivals Clinton In Fundraising

Word is that Barack Hussein Obama will report $25 Million raised for the first quarter 2007, nearly equaling Hillary Clinton’s 26 Million dollar haul.  Fund-raising is an important indicator of support.  A virtual tie in fund-raising all but evaporates Clinton’s early front-runner status although a $10 million dollar transfer from her Senate campaign puts her total first quarter at $36 million.  

It is reported that Obama will file with donations from as many as 100,000 donors. 

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On the Republican side: Among the Republican candidates, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney was the top money-raiser with $23 million, Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani raised $15 million for the quarter, while Arizona Sen. John McCain posted $12.5 million. Giuliani leads the GOP field in national popularity polls, followed by McCain -AP

Donors in Federal Elections are limited by law to contributions of $2,300 for the primary election, but Clinton, Obama and some other candidates also have been raising money for the general election. That allows them to take another $2,300 from each donor, but the money has to be returned if they don’t win the nomination.

Other Highlights:

Edwards: $14 million

Richardson: $6 million

Dodd: $4 million

Brownback: $1.3 million

Biden: $1-2 million

Huckabee: $500,000

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