John Arthur Eaves – “We Can Do Better”

I just received a 60 second recorded phone call from John Arthur Eaves.  As I scrambled to get my laptop open to transcribe the call I made a few mental notes.  If anyone has a transcript please shoot it to me and I will update this broken and paraphrased copy.

“Hello my name is John Arthur Eaves and I am running for Governor.


I believe that our Government has lost his way and become beholden to special interest groups

(Then something about Education and how poorly we are doing, and how Mississippi children deserve much better)

It saddens me to know that our Governor has failed to protect our children from tobacco 

When I hear that Mississippi is last in anything I know that “We can do better”

I have always believed that the best way to serve my creator is to serve others and that’s why I am running for Governor

I have spent my life representing hard-working God-fearing Mississippians

I’m john Arthur Eaves and I hope you will allow me to serve as your next governor”


Like I said this is paraphrased but you get the gist of it.  What is surprising to me is the blatant rip off of Haley Barbour’s campaign slogan “we can do better”  in my opinion using the phrase “we can do better” is not plagiarism of the Haley Barbour campaign but the use of this phrase clearly shows lack of imagination on the part of his campaign. 


My opinion: Get your own slogan.

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3 Comments on “John Arthur Eaves – “We Can Do Better””

  1. armchairQB Says:

    I hate recorded calls, glad I did not get this one! I keep wanting to think this guy’s a joke, but money makes for legitimate campaigns. If he puts in the kind of cash he says he will we could see something of a race. I’m not expecting much, I think he could spend 100 million and not beat GHB..

  2. madgeek Says:

    This guy’s a socialist. I’ve known it since the first ads he started running. He’s an ambulance-chasing, crooked, money-grubbing lawyer of the worst kind and he’s gone against our country, our government and our military at every turn … and he’s still representing foreign countries against us. And now he wants to be Gov. of MS and institute a ton of socialist programs in the state?!! Give me a break. Do the country a favor Eaves and move to Afghanistan, Libya or one of the other terrorist countries you love.

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