Working Hard For The Money – Jeffrey Rupp

Jeffrey Rupp, candidate for Secretary of State had a fundraiser last night in Jackson. This is out of his home base of Columbus/Starkville so any money he raises here hurts Hosemann on his own turf. I think finances tell the story on this race so I am anxiously awaiting the filing. Not a bad little list of names here a couple notalbe folks (Andy Taggart, Oscar Miskelly) and good timing before the deadline. If anyone who was there has a report let me know.

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Jeffrey Rupp Fundraiser Jackson

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5 Comments on “Working Hard For The Money – Jeffrey Rupp”

  1. mspolitics82 Says:

    don’t let $$$$$$$$ fool you…..Mabus posted over $3 m., Fordice $600k…..
    Fordice worked his @#* off and won!!!!! It is way too early for money to be the prediction factor

  2. Mike Corleone Says:

    Taggart has no more pull with folks in Madison County. Rupp has a cocky out of state kid running his campaign. Hosemann has a pot full of cash. Also, by the way the crowd in Columbus talked about Rupp yesterday, he ain’t goin anywhere.

  3. mspolitics82 Says:

    Hosemann does indeed have a potfull of cash…..just like he did against Ronnie Shows in his ’98 loss Shows, who had 1/2 or less the amt. of money that Hosemann did. Hosemann, too, has hired out of state people. Look at where Hosemann and Rupp raised their money….basically within their home base, except for Rupp who had help from Taggart in Madison county, and like Corleone just said, Taggart has lost influence in Madison Cty. I cannot speak of Lott’s campaign because he apparently, accdg. to what I have read and heard, is doing major ground work in N. Miss and is not busy raising money at the moment….I wouldn’t be suprised if he has thrown the “REPUBLICAN POLITICAL STRATEGY BOOK” out the window —-I mean, c’mon people, if you have followed his career at all, you know he is people-oriented and just plain down-to-earth, which politicos interpret as “not smart”. I think politicos put way too much emphasis on money when “grading” a candidate’s potential to win. Sure, money buys advertising….but the avg. Mississippian, I’m telling you, doesn’t give a rat’s you know what in seeing some goofus on t.v. They want someone they can relate to. I just don’t think Hosemann or Rupp have that. I do not even know Lott personally, but I am hearing people talk. Believe me, some Repub. “big shot, know it alls” are gonna be surprised on August 7.

  4. theantidude Says:

    You have to be kidding me? Do you hear yourself talk? yeah sure, money means nothing in politics. Do the math, there should be 200,000 votes in the Republican primary. around 70 days left. If they want to win statewide on “grassroots” they better figure out a way to talk to about 2,800 folks a day 95% of whom have NEVER heard his name and dont follow politics at all. Those who determine these primaries realistically only pay attention for the last couple weeks. Trust me buddy yard signs and handshaking MIGHT get you elected to state house but it dont cut it statewide. Would love to see someone prove me wrong.

  5. armchairQB Says:

    What about the Ruppster??

    nothing is funnier than watching the press compare one of our statewide candidates to Pee-Wee Herman… you cant make this stuff up!

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