Working Hard For The Money – Delbert Hosemann


Delbert Hosemann raised more than $320,000.00 and posted a Cash on Hand of $306,807.00

Jeffrey Rupp raised: $124,512.00 with a Cash on Hand of $103,782.99

Mike Lott raised: $21,223.84 with Cash on Hand of $21,013.37

Hosemann is a steamroller that looks unstoppable at this point. Looks like this race might be over before it ever started.

Mississippi Politics reports that Delbert Hoseman will post 300k raised in the first quarter of 2007 for a DOWNTICKET Secretary of State’s race.

Impressive…Yes, Hosemann is the candidate to watch and will make a solid Secretary of State.

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4 Comments on “Working Hard For The Money – Delbert Hosemann”

  1. Word on the street is this race is Hosemann’s to lose.

    Sorry. When candidates and their supporters work so hard to hype everyone into placing money on their pony it sets the alarm on my crap detector off. I doubt that either Rupp or Lott are going to be intimidated or bluffed. I’m betting that this goes to a run-off which sucks the wind right out of Hosemann’s sails of supposed invincibility.

  2. rightofmississippi Says:

    Touche, I dont have any data to back that up, that is just what I am hearing. History would show that the candidate with access to the most funds would be at an advantage in a runoff situation, where candidate X would be able to continue their advertising ect.

  3. skoalrider Says:

    This race is over, Hosemann wins with 50% on the first ballot, I just now heard the first ad for Rupp and he is at least a week behind, zero advertising for Lott besides a couple yard signs. Kuchenga you will be eating crow and I want an apology for your sillyness. Gilbert continued to build momentum all summer after this blog was posted raising even more money and support as the other candidates slid backwards in funding and support, Hosemann has locked every endorsement that has been given in this race and further widened his lead. Which is wonderful because finally the best candidate may actually WIN an election

  4. rightofmississippi Says:

    Elizabeth, I am sorry to say you may be the dumbest person in Mississippi if you dont understand that that ad is done with a sense of humor and meant to be taken lightly.

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