Mike Lott Release on Illegal Immigration??

Candidates be warned, I will post your press releases if you send them but be ready for me to cut into them.  I will give the Lott campaign slack on this one (since it is the first release I have officially received from a campaign)  We have errors here but the Mike Lott campaign gets a first time free pass.  I’m also afraid that they will have a hard time getting their message out this summer with 21k and I support all good people running for office, and in my opinion Rep. Lott is one of them.  Not to say that he has my vote, he needs to demonstrate the ability to raise some cash.


For more information contact: Daniel Bomar, Campaign Manager 228-238-5144

COLUMBUS——At a meeting with some area Republicans, State Representative Mike Lott, a candidate for Secretary of State, commented on the recent actions of the U.S. Senate concerning the illegal immigration issue.  Lott has been the vocal legislator to introduce attempts that address the different facets of the illegal immigration dilemma at the state level.

“I am extremely disappointed in what has happened on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., this week.  I am more convinced than ever that our nation’s leaders are out of touch with mainstream America.  The issue is plain and simple—-the rule of American law,” Lott stated.  “This dangerous piece of legislation focuses on what we can do to help those who have broken American law to get into this country, instead of focusing on what this problem is costing American taxpayers and how it is adversely affecting our nation.”

Lott, a former history teacher and school principal, reminded the group that nations throughout history that have fallen are ones that have failed to protect their borders.  He said, “If America is going to survive, then we must put a stop to the free passage across our borders.  I fear that we have already created a situation where we have allowed terrorist groups to enter and begin their work of destroying us from within.  We have immigration laws, and after 20 years of ignoring them, it is time Congress starts enforcing the laws on the books.”

When asked what he would suggest as a solution to this complicated issue, Lott quickly responded, “In addition to enforcing current laws, first, we get control of the borders; second, stop the flow of money and assistance to anyone who cannot prove their legal presence—-healthcare, college admissions, and all other forms of assistance; third, set up a workable system whereby the legal status of workers can be accurately verified; fourth, do not allow children born to illegal aliens to be classified as U.S. citizens; fifth, be certain that any guest worker program is temporary in nature, does not pay for healthcare or education, and creates no path to citizenship.”

Lott’s audience listened attentively for over twenty minutes as he discussed his authorship of voter identification legislation and answered questions about illegal immigration, one of which addressed how the immigration issue applies to his bid for Secretary of State.  According to the eight-year legislator from Petal, “Immigration, whether legal or illegal, is directly related to voter integrity issues, because in Mississippi no one has to prove citizenship to have his or her name placed on the voting rolls.  As the chief elections officer of our state, the Secretary of State should be willing to take a strong stand against illegal immigration and work to insure voter integrity for everyone, regardless of race or political party.”

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6 Comments on “Mike Lott Release on Illegal Immigration??”

  1. mspolitics82 Says:

    Antidude, I am no legislator, but I do follow the sessions closely every year because of my job. I respectfully think you, too, are a tad shy of a full deck if you do not understand that the SOS position needs someone who has legislative experience, especially since the SOS is SUPPOSED TO be the guy who pushes for voter i.d., which ERIC CLARK has campaigned on more than once, but NEVER DID !!! Lest you forget– every Sec. of State in Ms. except one since 1948 was a legislator first! I thought the press release was actually clever—THE legislator who knows THE MOST about the illegal immigration issue uses what apparently was a meeting to discuss illegal immigration to point out in the LAST PARAGRAPH (did you read that far?) how this issue is important to the role of SOS……I thought he might have been either 1) taking a jab at Clark for not doing his job in the area of voter i.d. or 2) showing that his experience in the field of immigration and experience as legislator puts him in a much better position to deal with the part of the SOS job that is MOST IMPORTANT TO MOST VOTERS—the one of voter i.d. Concerning Rupp and Hosemann making a better SOS….I am not sure what qualifies them; sounds like you have known them for “years” , like you have Lott. Don’t take all of this personally, Antidude— I feel sure you won’t…heck, you would probably say that my thought processes are “amature” at best.

  2. theantidude Says:

    Yes, you said it not me, your thought process is “ameture” at best. You convieniently forget that ML was a High School Principal before becoming a legislator. You would seriously take an educator with a few years in the state house over the best business and tax lawyer in America for an administrative post?? Especially one who is going to face some complex legal battles if the legislature ever does anything about illegal immigration and Voter ID. What is sad is that we need Lott in the legislature to help pass this stuff through, not out running around getting beat trying to get elected to a statewide postion that is quite frankly over his head.

  3. rankinguy Says:

    When you are a sitting legislator, which Lott is, and you are considered the spokesperson in the legislature for Illegal Immigration issues and the issue is in the national headlines, I think it’s more than relevant for you to speak up about it. I think most Mississippians appreciate that and like to see a good guy who fights for what he believes in. Also, I think having two degrees and a masters would allow one to be considered educated. And when you are making implications about someone’s intelligence, perhaps you should check your spelling. “Ameture?” I’ll take the everyday Mississippian who has a little passion to make a difference pushing him over a shiney-shoed super dooper tax lawyer with a fat wallet or a Pennsylvanian ANY DAY! PS. You don’t know Lott. I doubt you’re from Mississippi. I would assume that you’re a just a paid staffer. That being said, get back to work.

  4. theantidude Says:

    AMATEUR is spelled like this!!

    Of course I was making fun of MSPolitics82 when i purposefully mis-spelled it hence the quotes, I guess i should have used the old trusty “(sic)” but even then I mis-quoted him I am a bad bad commenter….sorry.

    Where do you get off accusing me of being some out of town staffer? I am from the Hill country thank you very much!

  5. rankinguy Says:

    apology accepted. I apologize for the comments about Delbert and Jeffrey. It’s obvious that we disagree and I’ll leave it at that. No matter how much bad-mouthing that goes on, August is what matters, not your opinion. Good luck with your race and glad to know you are a better speller than I figured previously.

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