Mike Lott….takes a beating over his own press release.

Red/Blue: Secretary of State (click on link)

Honestly I am so tired of this race already I cant wait until August 8th.  That being said since I posted Mike Lott’s release I should do my duty and post the column that mocks it.

Andy Taggart & Jere Nash tell Mike Lott that he is missing the point.

 I am 100% against any form of AMNESTY for Illegal Aliens any State or Federal Benefits to Illegals, I am pro building a fence and locking down the border PLUS Deportation BUT… I am also against this kind of pointless political grandstanding.

Note to Rep Lott supporters and campaign.  Feel free to comment but yall are running for a statewide office now, welcome to the big leagues. I appreciate your stance but disagree with your tactics.


The race to replace retiring Secretary of State Eric Clark has gotten off to a bit of a strange start on the GOP side of the primary contests.

State Rep. Mike Lott, who is a very fine and impressive guy and an attractive candidate, has been beating the drum like crazy about illegal immigration. Now that issue has real legs, no doubt about it; I believe the immigration issue is one of the three big heartbeat issues (the War in Iraq and gasoline prices being the other two) that will drive a lot of votes on election days both this year and next.

But for the life of me, I can’t figure out how Mike can get enough traction out of that single issue to move folks to vote for him in a race for Secretary of State.

The Secretary of State watches over public lands — no connection there to immigration. He monitors securities sales in the state — hardly a hotbed of immigrant activity. The office is responsible for regulating lobbying activities in the Capitol — no, no and no.

About the only connection between the job and the immigration issue that most observers can come up with is that as the state’s primary election officer, the Secretary of State maintains the state’s voter rolls and collates election results as they come in from around the state. In that role, he would certainly want to guard against voter fraud and related activities.

But honestly, does anyone see a real threat of illegal immigrants — who, of course, don’t want to be identified to begin with — going to the polls to vote in significant numbers and by doing so undermine the integrity of our elections? Maybe folks in our state do fear that happening, and maybe that fear translates into votes in a Republican primary race for Secretary of State. Maybe.

Nash after the jump

Secretary of State

Jere Nash – My hat is off to my partner for calling into question the campaign strategy of Mike Lott. There are plenty of substantive public policy issues that involve the Secretary of State’s office, and thus plenty of opportunities for the candidates to offer up reasoned opinions about what they would do as Secretary of State. Among those issues, this is the most important one from a political perspective — the Secretary of State is one of three members of the State Board of Election Commissioners (the other two being the governor and the attorney general). Assuming, for purposes of this post, that Barbour is re-elected governor and Hood is re-elected as AG, then the Secretary of State becomes the swing vote in determining all manner of questions that come before the Board, including general election and special election contests of candidate eligibilities. In a state that is becoming more and more partisan, the voters will have to determine whether they want to give the voting majority on the board to a Democrat or to a Republican.

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