Jamie Franks “hit blog” launched

Hit blogs are one of the newest and coolest trends in politics, a “hit blog” is a website dedicated to tearing down a candidate for office, its like a great attack mailer that never goes away.  Franks Tanks is a recently launched blog against Jamie Franks Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor.  It is a site that I will be watching closely as I will be supporting the winner of the Republican Primary. 

Run by someone named ‘The Commander” he/she describes the blog as follows:

“I’m a dissatisfied former resident of District 19 who is shocked (shocked!) that people are actually considering voting for Jamie Franks Jr. I’ve been expatriated for four years, and marvel at the fact that this nut keeps getting elected. I’m the alternative voice from the same town crying in the wilderness.”

I love the concept and I believe we will see more of these sites popping up in the future.


Franks Tanks

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