Rupp answers on Blades Departure



Jeffrey Rupp’s personal comment on the departure of his campaign manager below,

  • Jeffrey Rupp Says:
    June 28th, 2007 at 7:48 pm eWhile we knew Josh’s departure would get the rumor mill going the truth is not nearly as exciting as the speculation. Josh has done a wonderful job creating a grassroots base for my campaign.We have mapped out a strategy from now through the primary. The remaining work will be public appearances and our media buys, etc., an area where I have more expertise than Josh.

    He received a very lucrative offer from another candidate and, after discussing it together, we agreed he should accept if for personal reasons. While Josh is gone the Rupp team is firmly in place and focussed on the August 7th primary.

    Our relationship remains strong and I wish Josh much success now and in the years to come. As for the speculation I would ask that you consider the source. While we don’t have the largest (or smallest) war chest in the campaign, we have and will continue to work to let the people know why we feel we are best equipped to be Mississippi’s next secretary of state. —- Jeffrey Rupp

  • Well Played Sir, -ROM 

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    9 Comments on “Rupp answers on Blades Departure”

    1. skoalrider Says:

      Oh come on! if you are managing a campaign and think you have even the slightest chance of winning you dont up and leave 40 days out for more money!

      Give me a break Jeffrey!

    2. KayTLine Says:

      Public appearances and media buys??? There has to be more to a campaign than that

    3. jojotheidiotcircusboy Says:

      Is Mike Lott still in this race? I would think primary voters are going to avoid anything named Lott this year like the plague, Rupp can certainly beat that guy no matter what

    4. chip Says:

      Lott is a non factor in this race. It looks like Delbert is gonna run away with the sos race. The real question is : how much money is Haley planning on giving Al Hopkins ?

    5. Clayton Says:

      I noticed the Magnolia report has been slow to report this?

    6. Clayton Says:

      The Magnolia report hsa been slow to report this development

    7. GOP Supporter Says:

      It is on Mississippi politics that the Rupp campaign and the Ross campaign have joined forces. Someone over there is saying that they have the same consultant and have decided to work together. Have you heard that ROM?

    8. rightofmississippi Says:

      Absolutely Zero chance that is true. Any kind of “ticket” in two hot primaries would be bad for both candidates involved.

    9. rightofmississippi Says:

      also it does not appear that the Rupp Campaign has any paid consultants as of last report

      The Ross Campaign does appear to have consultants
      On Message Inc. and Winning Edge I believe those are Media and Mail.

      I assume we will see who Rupp has hired on the next report.

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