Rupp campaign in Trouble?? Blades Resigns


“Breaking news” out of Columbus, Rupp Campaign Manager Josh Blades has RESIGNED.  Seemingly stalled fundraising success and Blades’ resignation could spell disaster for Jeffrey Rupp’s chances at the Republican nomination for Secretary of State.

Rupp was the earliest Republican entry into the open seat campaign to replace retiring Democrat Eric Clark and has been considered by many to be a serious contender.

The reason for Blades’ resignation was unknown by my source but the departure has been confirmed by multiple Lowndes county Republican activists and another source inside the state GOP.  In all fairness the Rupp campaign still has a well spoken candidate and possibly enough cash to force a runoff if they can find a talented replacement.

With just over 40 days until the primary can ANY statewide campaign afford to lose their campaign manager? 

I doubt it.


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3 Comments on “Rupp campaign in Trouble?? Blades Resigns”

  1. Darth Vader Says:

    By the way, the word on the street is that Blades has gone to the Ross campaign to do press. I’ll let you drop that scoop.

    Keep up the good work. Just don’t try to twist my words.

  2. Jeffrey Rupp Says:

    While we knew Josh’s departure would get the rumor mill going the truth is not nearly as exciting as the speculation. Josh has done a wonderful job creating a grassroots base for my campaign.

    We have mapped out a strategy from now through the primary. The remaining work will be public appearances and our media buys, etc., an area where I have more expertise than Josh.

    He received a very lucrative offer from another candidate and, after discussing it together, we agreed he should accept if for personal reasons. While Josh is gone the Rupp team is firmly in place and focussed on the August 7th primary.

    Our relationship remains strong and I wish Josh much success now and in the years to come. As for the speculation I would ask that you consider the source. While we don’t have the largest (or smallest) war chest in the campaign, we have and will continue to work to let the people know why we feel we are best equipped to be Mississippi’s next secretary of state. —- Jeffrey Rupp

  3. skoalrider Says:

    So wait… Rupp is his own campaign manager now??? There is more to this story, did the Ross campaign approach Blades? Was Blades job-shopping? You dont just jump ship 40 days out for a bigger paycheck. What is his new position with the Ross camp if that is in fact where he went.

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