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The Razor Blade Sign

July 31, 2007

I have heard of a lot of dirty tricks in campaign politics but this story tops most of them. Vickie Mumford candidate for Hinds County Circuit clerk had a campaign yard sign that was lined with razor blades. You cannot make this kind of stuff up!


Michelle Purvis for Hinds County DA on the air

July 31, 2007

Michelle Purvis, candidate for District Attorney in Hinds county TV up.

Third Party Attack Ad on George Dale

July 31, 2007

Just saw this ad and got it up as soon as I could, it is a third party “Mississippians for Fair Elections” paid for this ad to benefit Gary Anderson but I cant seem to find this group anywhere, no filing last quarter and no hits on google, could be newly formed, if anyone has any information on who is funding this group and this ad please let me know.

Link em here

George Dale 3rd Ad

July 31, 2007

Link em here: George Dale 3rd Ad, response to Katrina Claims

Gary Anderson solid attack ad on George Dale

July 30, 2007

Thanks to our friends at Cottonmouth we get to see a really good ad for Gary Anderson bringing the Hammer down on George Dale.

 Cuttin the neighbors grass is nice but I think this argument might be a touch stronger.

This is a primary to watch in my book.

The Governor at Neshoba

July 30, 2007

First part of Governor Haley Barbour’s speech at Neshoba, the trophy wife comment is classic

Charlie Ross Coast Commercial

July 30, 2007

I am about 2 weeks behind on posting this ad, but I didnt want to leave it out.  Ross attacks Bryant on the coast only.