More Drama in the Secretary of State Primary???

In the spirit of fairness after beating on poor Jeffrey Rupp I did a little Googling on his opponents and I found good stuff on them.  I am continuing my research but it appears that one of his opponents has something in his past that basically disqualifies him from holding this office.  Who will it be?  What will it be?? I will break this news after the 4th I am a headin to the river boys and girls. 

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3 Comments on “More Drama in the Secretary of State Primary???”

  1. GOP Supporter Says:

    an interesting blog

  2. chris Says:

    What’s the deal with this? Is it something along the lines of Charlie and his little ethics debacle?

  3. rightofmississippi Says:

    No, it is Mike Lott and his little “breaking the law” problem in his 2004 race for congress. See post above!

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