Why Mike Lott Can Nott be Secretary of State

With finance reports coming up next week I was doing a little searching and after beating on Jeff Rupp last week and John Windsor this week I decided to investigate Representative Mike Lott.   Dont worry Mr. Hosemann you are next 😉

I find the Secretary of State’s race intriguing because I believe major changes need to be made to the way elections are run in Mississippi. 

It is absolutely essential that we reduce voter fraud and better manage our elections in Mississippi.  That is why I was thrown into a “Pre-Independence Day Rage” when after minimal Google searching I discovered that Mike Lott who is running in the Republican primary had been fined in 2004 by the Federal Election Commission for Violating Federal Election Law.

 What goes through someones mind that would make them run for Chief Elections Officer of our State when they have broken the very kind of election laws they will be tasked to enforce?  According to the FEC website only 25 campaigns out of hundreds and hundreds of Federal races in 2004 were Fined for aggregious campaign finance reporting errors and one of them was Representative Mike Lott. (FEC Press Release Link Below)

In 2004 the Gene Sills campaign brought a complaint to the Federal Election commission on the grounds that Lott was bragging in interviews to the local media advertising a $100,000 influx of cash to his campaign, when the time to report campaign contributions came and went, Mr. Lott simply did not file a report and later it was discoverd there was no 100,000.

The matter was settled and a civil penalty of $2,000.00 was paid by Jerry Deas, Treasurer for the Mike Lott for Congress Committee.

Mississippi cannot afford to trust the position of Chief Election Officer to a person who lacks the ability to manage the finances and paperwork of their own campaign.

If you cant handle your own campaign Mr. Lott how do you expect to handle the hundreds of campaigns all over Mississippi every 2 years?

Documents from the Federal Election Commission website below

Press Release Announcing Fined Campaigns (link)
Complaint filed against Mike Lott for Congress

FEC Settlement Agreement

Fine Paid by Jerry Deas

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14 Comments on “Why Mike Lott Can Nott be Secretary of State”

  1. skoalrider Says:

    ROM you are not even nice! but thats what keeps me coming back, Always wondered about that feller. Keep it up

  2. chris Says:

    Are you serious? This is not news breaking news. News would be something you uncover for the first time. The timing of this is all mysterious anyway. It’s quite obvious that someone is else is pulling your strings on this. To me, it looks like someone else’s camp is in trouble and threw you a bone hoping you would bite on it. I read all the documents and all this proves is that Jerry Deas can’t do paperwork very well. It doesn’t prove anything about Lott’s character. But nice try. I thought you really had something. Thanks for the let down.

  3. ROM Says:

    Does it say “Breaking News” anywhere? this is basic google search stuff.

    You cant just pass the buck on to the Treasurer . In the end the candidate is responsible for hiring a Treasurer that CAN do paperwork.

  4. rightofmississippi Says:

    “Imposter ROM” makes a good point. This is news! If you dont think it is you should see my hit counter today.

  5. skoalrider Says:

    Wait Wait Wait, Chris how exactly does lying to the press about a hundred thousand dollars NOT prove something about this guys character??? Please let me know what you come up with on that point.

    Blame the staff? Wow! now THAT is leadership.

  6. http://www.starkvilledailynews.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=16151&Itemid=60

    Starkville Mayor’s Son Arrested

    Faces Multiple Assault Charges

    “hit a girl in the neck with a fence post”


  7. The Hot Tippster Says:

    Here is a hot-tip. Look at Mike Lott’s campaign finance reports THIS election. Monkey business again! As they say people dont change. 3/4 of all the funds raised come from undisclosed sources. The SOS website wont open it tonight or I would post the link. There are also almost no expenditures and he has had signs and a campaign manager I think. Something is super fishy there please look in to it!

  8. msconservative10 Says:

    i mean really…..are you having to look THAT hard to find something to put on this guy? that was 3 years ago and wasn’t his fault…..yeah, he was in charge of hiring the guy but it’s not like he had a big sign on his forehead saying “hey hire me and i’ll screw up your campaign”

  9. rightofmississippi Says:

    Once again I did not have to look that hard. And this is extremely relevant to the office, I really do not get this whole “it’s not his fault” does anyone really believe that? 3 years ago is also very very recent in the big picture.

    although MSconservative 10 I did see that your IP address comes from comcast in Hattiesburg so I will assume that you are somehow related or are very close to Mr. Lott and its always ok to defend your friends and family.

    Bottom line is this is BAD if you want to be Secretary of State!

  10. Starkville Mayor’s Son Arrested

  11. Greg Says:

    All I have to say is look at his campaign manager now…..Has a bad track record.

  12. rightofmississippi Says:

    Greg you are going to have to back that up, his managers name is Dan Bomar, and I dont know anything about his track record. Its obvious that Lott has problems but I dont know about Bomar. Email me if you have anything otherwise that is an unfair attack.

  13. RileyDad Says:


    Could you e-mail me privately. I have been supportive of Mike Lott.

  14. […] Original “Why Mike Lott Can Nott be Secretary of State” link here […]

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