Mr. Excitement sends out most confusing press release of all time, still gets ink!

Lanky, Lurch, Golden Boy, Shiny Shoes, Big D, Mr. Excitement are all names I have heard Secretary of State Frontrunner Delbert Hosemann called during this campaign.

That said he seems to be riding high and living a charmed life at the moment reporting almost 5 times more money than his closest opponent and 10 times more than the other somehow he seems to find time between fundraisers to set policy.

After what I was about to BLAST as the “most confusing press release of all time” was recieved here at ROM world Headquarters (ok so I am in my garage, my wife let me convert it to man-room and ROM world HQ after months of begging) I dug through it, sent it to friends “even some folks i KNOW do not support him (you know who you are! ;)” and i was still confused yet “Mr. Excitement” still managed to get good ink today in North Mississippi for uncovering an Education funding formula that apparently cheats North Mississippi children to the tune of 19 dollars per year per student.  That does not sound like a lot at first glance but added up the figure comes out to millions of dollars.  The Daily Journal explains the issue with an interview from Hosemann in an article today found here

It is in fact interesting that it takes a downticket candidate to uncover this where were our north Mississippi legislators on this one???

The most interesting part of the whole article is that former Secretary of State Dick Molphus a Democrat and John Windsor donor weighed in to support Hosemann.

Former Secretary of State Dick Molpus of Jackson, a Democrat, applauded Hosemann for bringing up a “legitimate issue in the secretary of state’s race.” Other issues raised in the race so far haven’t been relevant, such as debating immigration reform, which is a federal issue, Molpus said.”

I try to give credit where credit is due although I owe him a good knocking because I have jumped on his opponents already.. 

I have an interview request in to his campaign manager and he has yet to respond to my multiple requests.  Warning sir my next post will be titled (Hosemann Campaign Manager = Big Jerk) or (Hosemann Campaign Hiring!) if I do not recieve satisfaction!!!

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One Comment on “Mr. Excitement sends out most confusing press release of all time, still gets ink!”

  1. Miguelle Says:

    Molpus calls it how he see’s it. He’s a smart man.

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