I hope Rob Smith was mis-quoted

Nice column, has some errors, Rob Smith was either misquoted or cannot multiply

Many candidates pin hopes on ‘sweaty effort’  

By Bobby Harrison
Daily Journal Jackson Bureau 

“Smith said he drove more than 800 miles during a three-day stretch recently and during the July 4 holiday period spoke at eight events. This past week he was hitting Delta towns, walking the campus at Mississippi Valley State University and meeting as many people as possible.”

He admitted, though, that even if through personal contact he can persuade 100 people per day to vote for him, over a six-day period that would be only 6,000 people.”

Rob, 100 x 6 = 600

NOT 6,000


Just tryin to help!

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One Comment on “I hope Rob Smith was mis-quoted”

  1. skoalrider Says:

    Rob Smith is going to get beat bad, i predict right now that he loses by 10 points or more. It’s also funny that he can’t multiply.

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