Bryant Responds…”Sorry Charlie”

Cotton Mouth: Bryant Responds

I know I am about 6 years behind on this, and now I am convinced that Cottonmouth does not have a job.  This Bloggin stuff takes time.  Sorry to my faithful readers that I took forever to get you the Bryant Response

“Sorry Charlie”, may have sticking power, the ad was obviously hastily produced and lacks professional feel.  That being said it does exactly what I recommended to the PB campaign, hit back fast and decisively.   More than it being a swift counterpunch I think it sufficiently “muddies the water” so nobody really knows what is going on, and a confused voter goes to who they trust the most.

That said this arguement over who love GHB more is absolutly retarded.  Both ads increased my negative opinion of both candidates sharply.   I come away from this fight with a strong feeling of “Is that all you boys got?”

Despite the quality I believe it will serve its purpose so I had a hard time with a grade, then I remembered what my old roomate used to tell me “C’s get Degrees” this ad gets the job done in a very workhorse fashion.

ROM Grade: C+ 

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2 Comments on “Bryant Responds…”Sorry Charlie””

  1. I agree with the comment about our fellow blogger. I think I find something, then look to his blog, and its already there. I could do this a lot quicker when I was in school 3 hours a day instead of working 8 hours a day.

  2. john leek Says:

    I’ve heard similar to the “C’s get Degrees” line. One I’ve heard more often is you’ll never know if he was an A doctor or a C doctor. Your version is far more catchy.

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