Big Rig Support…..Keep on Truckin!

“Breaker Breaker this here’s? the Duck, Pigpen you got a 20 on them Hogs??”
-Props to whomever correctly posts where I took the above quote from.

Recieved this pic in an email, apparently this was taken at the Interchage at I-55 and I-20.

The owner of these tractor trailers has obviously made his picks for August 7th and wants them known in a big way. 

If you have good campaign photos please pass them along I will post the good ones, I will print out and set fire to the ugly ones.


Keep the bugs off your glass and the bears off your……………. umm…….Tail.

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3 Comments on “Big Rig Support…..Keep on Truckin!”

  1. john leek Says: ?? Google says.

    I doubt this started there though.

  2. rightofmississippi Says:

    Strike one John. Whats your 20 Cottonmouth? OMAHA?? what are you doin out there?

  3. chip Says:

    Delbert’s campaign is a steamroller. We will prevail and Lott and Rupp will be behind us after the primary. Windsor shall face a horrid political beating. Out.

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