Amateur web video goes after Jim Hood

From The Magnolia Report 

The rise of the new political opinion makers.  Anyone who knows how to use youtube.

With falling costs of video production software, political advertising has become decentralized.  The role of the Internet and amateurs in political campaigns has most definitely arrived and it will undoubtedly continue to grow exponentially.  This video is yet another example of a low budget project (presumably by an amateur) can gain an audience and help to influence public opinion.  I LOVE this stuff!  Internet attack ads are the hip thing right now and anyone with an Internet connection can produce an ad for or against the candidate of their choosing and YouTube and Google Video can bring it to the masses for nearly zero distribution costs.

The video below is very well done attack ad on Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood raising questions about Hoods campaign contributions and donors.  Watch it and review it for yourself.

Overall I would say it is a very well done spot in a very new genre that we still know little about, I am running out to buy some software and a book on how to use it tomorrow.  We will see how effective it is by the play count which as of this writing stands at 503 hardly viral at this point.

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