George Dale 3rd Ad

Link em here: George Dale 3rd Ad, response to Katrina Claims

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2 Comments on “George Dale 3rd Ad”

  1. john leek Says:

    Too bad he hasn’t bought a cent in advertising on the Coast. I guess his people realize that we know who he is and how the “mediation” and settlements worked. I guess that’s just his little acknowledgment that you can’t fool all the people all the time.

  2. Cheryl James Says:

    Mediation was a joke…ongoing mediation is a joke…pennies on the dollar….ask Mr. Dale if he has any idea of what was owed and what the insurance companies paid?….I should not have to hire an attorney to get what should have been given….Like a good neighbor…State Farm don’t CARE….and Mr Dale has not made them change anything….today you can still buy that same worthless policy….without any change in the ambiguous contract language that left me slabbed..and State Farm with record year profits served on a silver platter by the very people placed in office to protect us….respectfully…C James

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