3 Charged with Voter Fraud In Benton County MS

Lillie Jean Norton was charged with one count of conspiracy to commit voter fraud and was being held on a $20,000 bond.

James Bullock was charged with bribery and voter fraud and was being held on a $40,000 bond.

Ada Tucker was charged with one count of conspiracy to commit voter fraud. Her bail was set at $20,000.

All three were being held at the Tippah County jail. An initial court appearance for Norton and Tucker was scheduled for Monday. Bullock’s court appearance in August 27. -AP


Benton County Voter Fraud, WHO WAS BENEFITING?

What statewide Democratic candidates were buying votes in Benton County?  What Local Candidates?  Anyone with information needs to come forward.

MyFox Memphis | 3 Charged with Voter Fraud After I-Team Story

20$ for an absentee vote? we need answers! and we need answers NOW!  I am outraged!

This makes the AG race and The SOS race that much more important. 

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3 Comments on “3 Charged with Voter Fraud In Benton County MS”

  1. JacksonAM Says:

    The SOS race is important, yes, but that office is actually kind of IMPOTENT when it comes to these kinds of cases. The SOS has absolutely NO investigative or enforcement authority when it comes to elections — all it’s such authority is limited to charities and securities.

    In fact, if someone calls the SOS to complain about voter fraud, all the people there can do is recommend a chain of authority that the complainant may go to — 1st, the precinct’s baliff (the law enforcement for a voting place), second the district attorney, third the attorney general’s office, and fourth the Justice Department. The staff there are limited to only tell people what the law IS, not investigate violations of it or even offer an opinion about possible violations. This isn’t because the person serving as SOS, or his staff, are lazy, it is because that is all Mississippi law allows them to do.

    When it comes to elections, the SOS is truly an administrative position, though most Mississippians believe it is much more. It might be nice for it to be much more.

    I think the biggest scandals in all these voter fraud cases is that we never see baliffs or district attorneys taking them on, we only (occasionally) see the attorney general and the Justice Department getting involved. Why do we never see or hear about these people getting involved in enforcement? Are they too beholden to the very people who commit fraud? Are they intimidated? Do they just not care?

    When it seems like every person in the state has a first-to-third person account of seeing voter fraud, I think it’s kind of crazy that we don’t have local officials with the stones to address it. The AG and Justice Department are never going to be able to go after every single violation.

  2. rightofmississippi Says:

    Good Point! We need a joint task force on Election Security between the AG and SOS to investigate and prosecute election fraud. Thats my opinion

  3. S.E. Moore Says:

    WREG 3 out of Memphis, TN in an online article stated that a person out of the AG office said that the sheriff’s race, circuit clerk’s race, some supervisor’s races and the education superintendent’s race in Benton County had all been compromised and we were to expect more arrests Friday – August 3.
    Have anymore arrests been made? The circuit clerk of Benton, who is not seeking re-election, but her daughter is seeking the office of circuit clerk in this election, went on radio station 94.3 and said the number of absentee ballots voted was normal for Benton County even though it was around 20% of all registered voters. Will we find out anything before August 7? What happens to these absentee ballots? Two individuals in custody in the Tippah County jail charged with Voter Fraud/Conspiracy in Benton in this matter are employed by the Benton County School District.

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