John Windsor Jumps on Voter Fraud in Benton County and FLIP FLOPS in the process

John Windsor held a press conference in Jackson yesterday jumping all over the vote buying scandal in Benton County.

From Windsor’s Press Release Hattip Cottonmouth “Voter fraud, in all its forms, must become a thing of the past,” John Windsor said. “As the candidate with more than a decade of experience running local elections, I have said all along that clean elections begin and end with honest, well-trained poll workers. To ensure clean elections, our first priority must be working with local election officials to recruit honest people to serve as poll workers and provide those poll workers top-notch training. They are our first line of defense against voter fraud.”In both a recent voter intimidation case in Noxubee County, as well as the newly uncovered vote-buying scheme in Benton County, people involved as poll workers or election managers were implicated in the frauds.Windsor , a former public school teacher, helped run local elections for more than ten years at home in Alcorn County.

BUT WAIT!!!!! THIS IS WHERE IT GETS GOOD!!!On 7/13/2007 John Windsor told the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal that: “As a Poll worker, I’ve never seen voter fraud,”


On: 7/19/2007 John Windsor told the Daily Leader that: “Many poll workers have been on the job for 30 years or more and know everyone who comes in to cast a vote.  They would know if an illegal vote, such as for a dead person of an illegal immigrant, were cast.  I haven’t seen this outlandish voter fraud that’s been alluded to, but it appears we’re to have a voter identification system anyway.”


Before yesterday according to John Windsor, who claims to have 10 years of hands on Experience in North MS Elections voter fraud was not a problem and that he had never “seen any”.  Now folks get caught and John Windsor is out in front saying it has to be stopped????

Even more interesting is the fact that Ashland MS is about 45 minutes away from Corinth, John Windsor’s home town 59 minutes if you believe MapQuest.

Total Est. Time: 59 minutesTotal Est. Distance: 49.07 miles


If you watch the story from MyFox Memphis , PEOPLE ON THE STREET knew that the vote buying was happening and had always been happening, had “seen it” and had details about the process. 

Really is it somehow possible that you could be a 10 year veteran of elections living 45 minutes away from Ashland in a rural area where everyone knows everyone elses business, and somehow you had never heard or seen hide nor hair of such a massive long term vote buying program?

I smell a rat!

This is sweet sweet flip flopping, OR getting caught with the hand in the cookie jar!

I will not implicate that Windsor was behind this as I HAVE NO PROOF, but I cannot WAIT to see what pattern develops when the absentee votes are counted in Benton County.  Remeber Windsor’s name was on that ballot and if he recieves an unporportional percentage of that vote come Tuesday we will know that he was in fact the beneficiary of vote buying.

Any candidate that can be linked to this vote buying operation will go down in flames mark my words, and people are a’lookin.


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