On to the General Election… First things first Angel Eaves

A lot has been made over at Y’all Politics about Governor Barbour’s “Trophy Wife” comment at Neshoba, I think it is flat out hilarious, some people dont.

The ROM group, which is growing and will soon include more guest bloggers are HUGE fans of Angel Eaves, she is hot, period, end of discussion. 

I hope we get to see more of Angel in the general election we got robbed when they left her out of the Primary TV ads.







We are sold, still voting for Barbour but sold none the less. 


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6 Comments on “On to the General Election… First things first Angel Eaves”

  1. Kingfish Says:

    NOW I damn sure don’t believe in holding a man’s wife against him.

    Hell, he pulled that off? Might make me vote for him. Got to pull for the regular looking guys like us who can marry that well.

  2. a. walker Says:

    Please give us Angel’s life history up until now. Where she was born, who were her parents, what schools did she attend, etc.

  3. rightofmississippi Says:

    Wish we could, that information is not easily available but we will keep looking.

  4. Diane Says:

    why is there no information on Angel Eaves, I find that very unusual, is there somethig to hide

  5. Steve Says:

    give me a break…Eaves, with all his pomposity keeps saying “who does Haley serve” while meanwhile, everybody forgets that LAST time he rean (in 2003) he heaped praise on his then wife for being a Godsend and dropping out of the race because it wasn’t fair to his family. Well, now we see that he sent his God sent wife packing, picked up a new younger “God sent wife”, and now he’s not worried how the race will affect his family. And he is so willing to keep invoking God in his commercials while insinuating Barbour is not a Christian while all the while, he and his little “Angel” have 5 marriages between them. That gives pause to just what he understands about the Bible. Certainly not enough to question Barbour’s Christian devotion or to incessintely evoke Biblical terminology to support his “values”…Is it wrong to say he is a Christian? NO…Is it wrong to imply that you are a REAL Christian compared to your “money changing” opponent when he himself is trampling all over a commandment or two. I guess being a “money changer” is more condemnable than being a “serial spouse changer”….

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