CD-3 Who We Like Right Now

*Updated 10/1/2007* We like David Landrum and Charlie Ross right now. 

Speculation is our forte here at ROM but we are getting ancy for some CD-3 candidates to start making some noise. ROM’mers are still somewhat looking

Candidates we like right now are Charlie Ross & David Landrum.

This seat like every other GOP seat in America is not a GOP slam dunk in 2008, it is vital that we examine our choices more carefully than ever.


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23 Comments on “CD-3 Who We Like Right Now”

  1. hanshotfirst Says:

    Rounsaville would be a great GOP nominee. He has 5 things going for him:

    1. MSU pedigree — alum and Hall of Fame there.
    2, Deputy Chief of Staff for COngressman Pickering — knows the Hill
    3. Policy advisor for Haley — spearheaded big initiatives such as WOrkforce Training and parts of Katrina response
    4. Has run a $220 million per year federal agency, USDA Rural Development, which will also give him inroads into the rural vote in the fall of 2008. He was appointed to this by President Bush, which I hope is still a plus in Mississippi
    5. Has the ability to raise competitive sums of campaign cash in primary

    A couple of general observations: Some of these guys like Nosef and Tate Reeves are tied up until early November. It will be hard for someone who doesnt start immediately to be competitive. Others like Whit Hughes and Gregg Harper are total unknowns outside of the political animal circles. Charlie Ross is (now) known and can start immediately. I think he would be crazy not to run.

  2. NWRman Says:

    I think you are overlooking the Man who broought Dick Morris, John Kasic, and Mitt Romney to the Rankin County events.
    Gregg Harper of Pearl

  3. PuckettOne Says:

    You’re right NWRman, next time I need a good event planner or speech booker, I’ll call Gregg Harper. But in the meantime, lets talk about who makes a good Congressman.

  4. NWRman Says:

    Please tell me what is the yard stick you use to meaure , a good Congressmans

  5. GOP Supporter Says:

    I think it is interesting that Billy Mounger and Billy Powell have both pledged their support to Gregg Harper. It sure seems that they know something about Gregg Harper that hanshotfirst and PuckettOne doesn’t know.

  6. GOP Supporter Says:

    By the way, Ross is out, Reeves is not running, and Harper has a huge base with the Christian Right. I guess hosting an American Family Radio show on occasion doesn’t qualify as being well known. I also guess being on a national tv show (extreme makeover home edition) qualifies as no name ID. Although people may not know the name of Gregg Harper across the 3rd, once they hear his story, they will absolutely remember.

  7. PuckettOne Says:

    I’m just saying that event planning is NOT the yardstick. I’m sure Gregg is a great guy, but bringing in speakers to a fundraiser does not a congressman make.

    Billy Powell was on the Rankin Committee with Gregg Haprer and Bill Mounger is going to stick with Billy Powell. It really is as simple as that. Harper would have to be horrible NOT to get Powell.

  8. NWRman Says:

    When the RNC needed help with the hanging chads in Florida, Gregg Harper on his on dime spent more than two weeks in the field making sure the election was not stolen.
    He also went to Ohio 4 years later on the same mission for the RNC again at his own cost to protect our Republican rights.
    Sounds like the making of a Congressman to me.

  9. PuckettOne Says:

    NWRman: Then Harper has a lot of competition. I know of dozens of Mississippians who did the same thing including others from Rankin County.

  10. NWRman Says:

    Did they chair the County for Amy Tuck four years ago? Are they now chairing Rankin County for Haley Barbours relection?

  11. PuckettOne Says:

    Of course not, Gregg Harper is the Rankin County Republican Party Chairman. It would be news if he didn’t have a leadership position like Rankin Chairman for Haley Barbour’s relection. You just seem to be going apoplectic over minor points on a resume. He is running for Congress, not for College Republican Chairman.

  12. NWRman Says:

    And where is Roundsaville no where near the district or its needs, he might make a good beltway insider, but he will never be the choice for Congress

  13. PuckettOne Says:

    NWRman – I think there will be a lot of well qualified Republican candidates – Gregg Harper being one – I just don’t think you listed any of his qualifications.

    Roundsaville will be strong – he worked the district for Pickering, worked policy issues across the state for Barbour, worked with county leaders as Rural Development director. Charlie Ross is strong for all the reasons he shared while running for Lt. Gov. I understand state Senator Walter Michele is running – popular Republican leader in the state Senate. And Colby Lane in the Governor’s Office is also looking at it – he too, has strong connections to the Rankin Party.

  14. GOPGUY Says:

    Excuse my ignorance, and I must admit, posting here is over my head; but what has Harper done in the district exactly (except for chairing a committee here and there and purchasing plane tickets to respective chad hanging states)? Not to belittle his efforts, it certainly sounds like he has done great things for the party in Rankin County.

    Last I heard Congress is in Washington crafting legislation and representing your district. Rankin County (Pearl Mississippi), while a great start, does not equate to Washington experience.

    It is obvious Gregg Harper is a great asset to the party in Pearl, and I applaud his efforts; but it sounds to me that we may be better served with his local leadership in Rankin County.

    On merit alone, Rounsaville has my vote.

  15. Rebel1 Says:

    Rounsaville is the man to beat. He’s in the most similar position to where Pickering was 12 years ago. He appeals to both suburban and rural areas. If he can do even marginally well in the suburbs, he’ll make the run-off, because he’ll carry the rural counties big. All these rich guys can talk big all they want, but Rounsaville will raise what he needs to get his message out, he’ll have a top of the line organization, and he’ll have the winning message. He’ll make the run-off, and then it’s a whole new race.

  16. NWRman Says:

    Did Mr Landrum have his success in business running a MLM life scheme?

  17. BJMasten Says:

    If NWRman does all of his “homework” on any congressional candidate as he states re: Mr. Landrum, it’s no wonder we are considered sheepish/followers. It would be to our advantage to truly investigate and have “all” the facts before attempting to align someone with an “untruth.” True character and integrity should always come first, which is something that has been lacking in politics for too long. David Landrum has what it takes to do the job.

  18. NWRman Says:

    Are you saying he does not run a MLM life company

  19. NWRman Says:

    some of us remember when Primeamerica was A.L. Williams, does that ring a bell

  20. Republican1 Says:

    If being a committee chair doesnt qualify Harper, then how in the world would you think that Landrum has qualifications. He sells rip off insurance for goodness sake. How low is that….taking advantage of most peoples ignorance with shady finance advice!

  21. rightofmississippi Says:

    Landrum’s cash qualfies him, we have seen that over and over, I am tired of this debate, if you have money you are a serious candidate and qualifications are relative.

  22. Republican1 Says:

    And some of that “cash” was given to ronny musgrove too if I’m not mistaken……

  23. J of the T Says:

    It is quite interesting to read these posts for the first time today, especially since this is the day after the election. It seems there are folks ‘posting and hosting’ here who think they know more about politics, qualifications, and electability than they really do. Character, willingness to serve, and strong American values, to list a few, are what qualifies a candidate to represent the people of their district in a public office. Pedigree and money have no bearing, whatsoever, on a person’s qualifications to represent his/her constituency.

    After last night’s returns, it is obvious who the people want: 2 candidates with the above mentioned qualifications will be in the run-off. The numbers tell the real story; they don’t lie.

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