This commercial rated A (for Angel)

Thank you John Arthur Eaves Campaign!

Everyone here at ROM appreciates your FINALLY putting Angel in a TV ad.

If yall remember we have been begging for more Angel Eaves since this post on August 10th.

from Bio of Angel Eaves: Angel Eaves is the wife of Democratic candidate for governor John Eaves. In addition to her job as a full-time mother, Angel founded and is the current President of Eaves Advertising. Started in 1998, the full-service public relations firm specializes in legal marketing. She attends Pinelake Church with her husband John and their four boys. A Jackson native, Angel’s family has a deep and rich history in Mississippi that goes back as far as the state itself.

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One Comment on “This commercial rated A (for Angel)”

  1. jojo again Says:


    Seriously who cares? She is a trophy but I mean that in the best way possible. Only people who are jealous would attack a guy for marrying this far out of his league.

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