Just got this email from Les Riley, Hearing tomorrow

 From Les Riley:

Please forward.Read this story, if you are not familiar with what’s going on. ( the whole thing is below, if you cannot open the link)


Tomorrow I go before the State Board of Election Commissioners at 1:30 to keep my name on the ballot for Commissioner of Agriculture. We have a very sound case legally — but this is about 20% law & 80% politics. If I am to fight this injustice, I need everyone who can to help : a) put politcal pressure on the members of the election board; and b) complain to the press.

IF you are in or anywhere near the Jackson area, and could possibly come to the hearing ( location below). If you can get away from work, for a few minutes, come by. If you homeschool, consider bringing the kids ( this will be a great civics lesson). Numbers is what we need.

** THE HEARING IS AT 1:30 on the 19th Floor of the
Walter Sillers Building 550 High Street, Jackson.

I KNOW THIS IS SHORT NOTICE, but it was pretty short notice for me when to get a letter Friday afternoon telling me I had to get my written response in by today ( Monday) and appear for the hearing tomorrow.

If you are not in the Jackson area or cannot come tomorrow ( or before you come)

PLEASE Contact these people (The State Election Board — that will make this decision consitst of the Governor, Sec. of State & the Att. General)

and help spread the word by calling talk radio, e-mailing/ calling newspapers/ TV Stations & posting on blogs:

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