Letter to Les Riley from the SOS office

***Update*** Les Riley Remains on the Ballot for November 6 hooray for Democracy


***ROM Exclusive***

PDF of the letter from the Secretary of State’s office to Les Riley about the investigation of his candidacy.

from Willie C. Allen at the SOS

Public thank you to my source on this.

Very Cool


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2 Comments on “Letter to Les Riley from the SOS office”

  1. RileyDad Says:


    Thanks for helping get the word out. I believe if it had not been for the blogs, super talk, and calls/ e-mails from a few hundred of my friends, this might not have been so easy.

    I can send you the letter that we prepared in response if you are interested.

    Les Riley

  2. RileyDad Says:

    Here’s our official/ initial response off my campaign blog:


    VICTORY — We are back on the ballot !
    We won, but it was quite anti-climactic.

    We got there at 1:20 & had two reporters and about 20 supporters there.

    Shortly after Eric Clark & Jim Hood came in, a fellow walked out & said “Mr. Riley,we got your written response. Everything looks to be in order. You will be on the ballot & you don’t even need to come in. You are not even on the agenda anymore.”

    He then said, “We tried to call you. The number we have for you is disconnected.”

    I said, “Yeah, I moved — in case you haven’t heard.”

    Everyone laughed. The AP reporter interviewed me. I will be on Supertalk in the morning at 7:00.

    That’s about it. I am fairly certain the coverage I got on the blogs & talk radio — as well as phone calls & e-mails from folks — helped my cause as much as the facts of the response we sent them.

    Some folks have asked who I thought was behind it. I have my ideas, but it would all be speculation & gossip. Whoever it was, I hope they try something like this every week between now & the election

    Ultimately, we are back on the ballot and we are confident in our ideas, our optimism, our sound positions on the issues, and the Wisdom of our Lord to work all things out as He would have them.

    We will continue to do our duty and try to advance our ideals.


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