Jim Hood TV ad up.. and a little early analysis

From Cotton Mouth

Incumbent Attorney General Jim Hood went up on TV yesterday.  I think the ad is pretty good not a home run but I believe that this ad is a nice little window into Hoods re-election campaign plan.  “I am not a Defense Attorney” and “Never Defended Criminals” those lines were not included on accident.  I have not done sufficient research on Hopkins to see what Hood may be hinting at, but now I know where to look.

Mark my words this race will get ugly, Hood sold his soul to the trial lawyers in 03 and they don’t want him to go (they make too much taxpayer money from him) you cant use a public office to make your buddies rich without leaving a trail and this is why in my preliminary estimates I think Hopkins has a fighting chance depending mostly on his overall fund raising success and ability to clearly formulate a message on Hoods glaring weaknesses.  Because to be certain Hood has serious strengths for Big Al to overcome.

 Central themes of this first effort by Hood are very standard, apparently targeted toward building up a little public good will before Hood and Hopkins go to tearing each other apart like (Insert Extremely Tasteless Michael Vick Joke Here)

ROM Overall Grade= C+ 

What is up with his hair anyway?

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3 Comments on “Jim Hood TV ad up.. and a little early analysis”

  1. Michael Says:

    Jim Hood reminds me of Conway Twitty. Does he tease his hair?

  2. rightofmississippi Says:

    I agree, I am working on a new post that will be called, MS Democratic Ticket. 2007.. The bad hair ticket. Even Gary Anderson has a mustache so I can pretty much include the entire ticket into the “ugly hair category”

  3. He has since got a haircut, but you gotta love this picture of Rob Smith- http://msuinfo.ur.msstate.edu/alumnus/fall.94/40pic.gif

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