Hood vs. Hopkins

The AG race is in full swing.  Both candidates are up on TV, here are their latest ad’s.  Hood’s is only vulnerable as far as Hopkins can hang on him the unbelievable and totally unethical money trail of rewarding his campaign donors with state funds.  I have not done enough research on my own so I am waiting for the Hopkins campaign to put it out.  I assume we will see Hopkins go for the jugular at some point, the line about “corrupt politicians” from the Hopkins ad might be just a touch of foreshadowing on their part. 

 According to a Jim Hood Press Release Yesterday (Below), Al Hopkins real name is Alben, and his resume is padded.

Alben Hopkins Admits Padding Resume, Hopkins claims credit for experience he doesn’t have

JACKSON, Miss. – Attorney general challenger Alben Hopkins has served as chief judge of the Mississippi Court of Military Appeals since 1996 – a court that has not heard one single case or met one single time in the past decade.

Yet Hopkins, in his latest campaign commercial now airing, claims: “As chief judge of our top military court, Al Hopkins has served the law for 42 years.”

Hopkins finally admitted his resume enhancement when questioned by a reporter Monday at a press luncheon hosted by the Stennis Institute.

“Once again, Alben Hopkins’ resume does not equate with the actual facts,” said Jonathan Compretta, campaign manager for Attorney General Jim Hood. “Mr. Hopkins’ limited experience for the job he now seeks is buried among the negative rhetoric of his campaign.”

According to Mississippi Army National Guard Staff Sgt. Chiquita Pendleton, the Mississippi Military Department’s Court of Military Appeals, on which Hopkins claims service as chief judge, has not heard a single case since Hopkins joined the court in 1996. Additionally, “no salary has been paid in the last 10 years, as court has not met,” according to a letter from Staff Sgt. Pendleton dated June 6, 2007.

So while Attorney General Jim Hood has spent more than a decade prosecuting murders, rapists, abusers of the elderly and child molesters, Alben Hopkins has sat on a court that never convenes.

“This begs the question: What experience and qualifications does Mr. Hopkins really have to qualify him as attorney general of Mississippi?” Compretta asked. “We believe the voters have a right to know.

“There’s an old saying that applies to make-believe cowboys who dress and talk the part, pretending to be what they aren’t,” Compretta noted. “Alben Hopkins is ‘All Hat, No Cattle.'”

Dang I love the “All Hat, No Cattle.” (reference to “Big Hat, No Cattle) which it is one of the finest of all Texas insults. (nice work Mr. Compretta) 

This race is sounding more and more like a junior high dance, you know there is a lot of “padding” going on, and your not sure what you can grab on to.

 Choice seems to be between someone who “pads” his campaign donors and college buddies wallets with state money or someone who “pads” his resume.

In Hopkins defense this is a fairly weak charge as it appears that Hopkins does sit on the court in which he claims, just that the court in question is not exactly active.

One thing is for sure though, Jim Hood’s hair provides his head with plenty of “padding” and it makes me laugh.

Early Analysis says Hood is still in control of this race, but Hopkins has a chance if he can stay strong on TV and turn the debate to corruption he can close the gap and make the race close.  Lots of things have to break his way though I will watch closely and may be adjusting my call on this one.

Early Prediction: Hood by 4-6%


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