Jim Hood Gaffe (Cliche-Gate 2007)

Jim Hood’s Cattle Gaffe

Jim Hood -“My opponent is all hat and no Cowboy”

ROM- “HAHAHAHAHAHA Jim Hood is an idiot”

For those of you unfamiliar with wild west wisdom, the proper expression is “All Hat, No Cattle” in fact it would have been tough to mess the beloved western insult up any worse.

SunHerald.com : Hopkins questions legal contracts; Hood says challenger inflates resume

Follow up to my earlier post:

HOPKINS- “During his speech at the Capital Club in downtown Jackson, Hopkins pointed out campaign donations Hood has received from private attorneys with state contracts. Among other cases, Hopkins mentioned the $14 million fee awarded to Joey Langston and Tim Balducci, private attorneys who represented the state in a case to recover $100 million in overdue taxes from telecommunications giant MCI. Langston, of Booneville, has been one of Hood’s top campaign contributors.

“There is a pattern of behavior that creates an unhealthy perception of your attorney general’s office in the state of Mississippi,” said Hopkins, 66, who’s in private practice in Gulfport. “We don’t know if he’s selling state contracts for campaign contributions or just suffers bad judgment.”

HOOD-  Hood said Hopkins is misleading voters with campaign ads that say Hopkins has been chief judge of the Mississippi Military Court of Appeals since 1996. Hood said the court has not met since Hopkins has been in the position.

“He’s got an ad that indicates he’s got 42 years of experience and it tries to infer that it is all on the Military Court of Appeals, a court which has never met,” Hood said. “My opponent’s all hat and no cowboy.”

Hood’s press secretary Jonathan Compretta wrote “All Hat, No Cattle” in the press release which is a whole lot closer than Jim Hood (and acceptable in some contexts) who absolutely BUTCHERED this expression, I was planning on letting it slide but when a candidate for office screws us both halves of an expression, that has got to be embarrassing.  Apparently Jim Hood doesn’t know much about Cowboys.

HOPKINS- “I’m not padding my resume. That’s a true statement. I am the chief judge of the Military Court of Appeals,” Hopkins said. “I guess you could say the people in the military in the state of Mississippi are first-class individuals, every one of them. And they don’t get into trouble.”

We will update you on our new project “Cliche Gate 2007” as updates are available


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