Jamie Franks and the Beef Plant??

I need to get the bill numbers but I am in an absolute RAGE over the fact that Jamie Franks is trying to blame Phil Bryant for the Beef Plant fiasco.  Bryant never once voter for the Beef Plant and Jamie Fanks voted for it THREE TIMES!!!  Ok let me say that again THREE TIMES!!!!

The Land, Water, and Timber Resources Board approved $5 million in seed money for the project and during the 2002 legislative session the Legislature passed legislation guaranteeing the $21 million for the project. The vote was 174 – 0. The LWT Board entered into a written detailed agreement of its $5 million for the project after legislation guaranteeing the $21 million loan had been signed by Governor Musgrove. Up to that point, there had been open meetings discussing the project, and the MSU feasibility study on this particular project had been made available for a year. Because of increased cost, changes in design, and additional equipment for the plant, the Legislature increased the state’s guarantee to $35 million in 2003.

Jamie Franks was in the legislature at that time and Phil Bryant was NOT!

If anyone has any more information please post or email us.  Seriously folks how can you possibly blame the other guy for something when you pulled the lever in favor of the project no less than THREE TIMES!!

Am I missing something??


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3 Comments on “Jamie Franks and the Beef Plant??”

  1. RileyDad Says:

    Who headed up the LWT board ?

  2. rightofmississippi Says:

    HAHA! nice try Les!

  3. KingMaker Says:

    What’s done in the dark will be brought to the light.

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