Jamie Franks “Too Liberal”?? Mississippi GOP thinks so…

 YAY!!  Attack Ads!!!!

 You know how much we love attack ads here at ROM.  Here is a nice MS GOP ad against Jamie Franks.

 “Too Liberal”

Not much commentary the ad is pretty darn straight forward, and also pretty predictable.

Effective? We dont really have a guess here

ROM Overall Grade = C+ (only because attack ads always get a plus from us)

Thank you to CottonMouth for getting this up a while ago


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One Comment on “Jamie Franks “Too Liberal”?? Mississippi GOP thinks so…”

  1. Brandon Says:

    This ad is a joke. The money used to air this would have been better served in Rosie O’Donnel’s buffet fund. What a waste.

    If you believe any of it’s contents, you deserve to have your testicles removed with a soldering iron. Read Frank’s pamphlet and you will clearly see SEVERE conservative values (possibly even more so than that of Bryant). For example:

    *100% pro life, 100% of the time
    *Uphold gun rights
    *Protect marriage as a sacred vow between a man and a woman

    Back before the primaries, while Bryant was contending with Ross as the GOP candidate, Bryant didn’t even have an established stance on abortion (surprise surprise). No wonder all the pro-lifer organizations gave their support to Ross instead. Bryant should at least grow a pair and stand his ground on an issue, but he’s too busy putting on his makeup.

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