Haley Barbour Fires Back at John Arthur Eaves

Katy Bar the Door!

Or as Jim Hood might say “Sally Lock the Window”

Looks to me like John Arthur Eaves might have bitten off more than he can chew.  GHB knows how to lay the wood and it looks to us like the wood is now upside John Arthur Eaves’ head. 

 Ouch Factor: 9.5 (no doubt the voters of MS will not take kindly to suing our military for personal financial gain)

Overall Grade: A

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4 Comments on “Haley Barbour Fires Back at John Arthur Eaves”

  1. […] Haley’s Latest Ad Posted on October 2, 2007 by Brett Kittredge Hattip: Right of Mississippi […]

  2. Ken Says:

    This type of attack was very effective for Republicans in 2004 against even “conservative” Democrats – for House, Senate, and President.

  3. Sarah R. Cooper Says:

    Haley cleaned Eaves’ clock at debate Thursday nite. Go Haley

  4. PuckettOne Says:

    Everyone who has mentioned this attack ad to me has said things like they had intended to vote for Haley Barbour anyway, but now they certainly will. It is one thing to be a trial lawyer standing up for the little guy in Mississippi, but to go off to some other country and sue the United States military on behalf of foreign citizens, that is another disgraceful matter entirely.

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