Mike Lott endorses Delbert Hosemann for SOS

I would like to thank the many people who helped me in the recent campaign for Secretary of State. From the phone calls I have received since the election, it is clear that we truly “turned some heads” politically and earned the respect of thousands. To all my opponents I say, “Thank you for running a clean race.” As candidates, I believe the best strategy is one of integrity and character; I think it was clear to voters that the Republican candidates for Secretary of State truly respected each other and stood on our own qualifications. The day after the election, I contacted Delbert Hosemann and pledged my support to his candidacy for the November general election. I did so with confidence that he and I are on the “same page” concerning the key issues.

The person who becomes Mississippi’s next Secretary of State will have the opportunity to help mold some of the most significant legislation in our state’s history. There are several reasons why I can support Delbert Hosemann as the person to hold this position. First, Delbert expressed his support for voter identification and other voter integrity issues that I have pushed strongly in the legislature for eight years. Secondly, as our campaign progressed, he made a pledge to address illegal immigration as it relates to voting. As most of you know, I have been the legislative leader in the fight against illegal immigration in Mississippi for almost three years; so, I will assist him in this effort any way I can. Finally, most all changes will take legislation, and Delbert Hosemann has said he will work closely with the legislature to get the job done, and I believe he will stay true to his word.

In closing, let me remind you that the Secretary of State will be the Chief Elections Officer for all voters, not just for one political party. That is why it is important to elect someone who understands this and who will commit himself to protecting the right to vote for every U.S. citizen who lives in Mississippi. On November 6, I ask that you exercise the great American right to vote and cast your vote for Delbert Hosemann for Secretary of State.

Representative Mike Lott
Mississippi House District 104
Forrest and Lamar Counties

I think this gesture shows a lot of class on the part of Rep. Mike Lott, I was hard on Mike (after initially supporting him) in the primary but he just bought some goodwill from me with what appears to be a sincere showing of party unity.  Sometimes i think we get so wrapped up in primaries we forget that we are all Conservatives first and formost, and this race is important for a Lott of different reasons. -ROM

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One Comment on “Mike Lott endorses Delbert Hosemann for SOS”

  1. RileyDad Says:

    .. . what appears to be a sincere showing of party unity. Sometimes i think we get so wrapped up in primaries we forget that we are all Conservatives first and formost, and this race is important for a Lott of different reasons.

    If Conservatives are not real careful to put principle over party labels, “party unity” could put you under a “Spell” 🙂

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