Al Hopkins Attack Ad

Follow this link to see Hopkins charge against Hood and making his friends rich.  Which of course Jim Hood is obviously TOTALLY GUILTY OF.

Hood is a sleazeball the proof is in the moneytrail.

But I do like his ads


Al for AG – Al Hopkins for Attorney General

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2 Comments on “Al Hopkins Attack Ad”

  1. KingMaker Says:

    Hood is the biggest fraud we have in Mississippi. Sadly, I think he’s going to win. BTW, we’ve handed out our endorsements at Common Sense FTPW. Check them out.

  2. Kingfish Says:

    Jim Hood did give contracts to his contributors, but his contributors came up with the idea and risked their own personal money to finance the suit (not the state) and the state got a free $110M payday. If you give me $110M from MCI, and they are willing to pay you $14M to do so. Sounds like a better deal for the State than the lawyers. The only people mad about this are the ones who don’t like any lawsuit against any corporation (although corporations file more lawsuits than anyone else and for bigger amounts) and those who are jealous. Langston and company were rewarded for their ingenuity and expertise and work which provided Mississippi with a lot more funds. As a Republican, I am embarassed by the ad, especially when Governor Barbour (whom I support) is guilty of giving contracts to family members in Katrina. There are a lot of issues which we could talk about rather than looking a gift horse in the mouth.

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