Junior Eaves and the Bible

This ad is disgusting, when you drag the Holy Bible into a political ad you are way out of bounds.  It’s one think to say you are a Christian it is another to use the word of god as a prop.

I am no party hack as any reader of this blog can attest I would say the same if I see a Republican candidate toss a bible out in a TV ad.

ROM OVERALL GRADE: F (our first ever F grade)

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3 Comments on “Junior Eaves and the Bible”

  1. butchbailey Says:

    I’m no fan of Eaves (far, far from it) but I find it amazing that the right, who have pushed this country towards theocracy for so long and blatantly called Republican candidates the only “godly” candidates for years, are all of a sudden cautioning the use of the religion in politics.

    Pot, meet kettle, kettle, meet pot.


  2. rightofmississippi Says:

    Solid point Butch, but there are those of us on the right (like me) and I of course own this blog, that don’t pust this country towards theocracy. Call me a “South Park” Conservative if you will or maybe a Libertarian but I think the use of the Holy Bible in a pitch for votes is disgraceful.

    Give us more Angel Eaves, she can win votes!

  3. KingMaker Says:

    It is disgraceful to use your faith as a stump to preach from for a campaign. I don’t think folks put off by Eaves professed faith. I think they are put off by how he is professing his faith. I always have major questions about those who have to go out of their way to tell folks that they are Christians. If you’re a Christian, you’re life will reflect your faith trough your values and actions. But, I suppose that if your actions don’t reflect your professed faith then you must go out of your way to tell people – example JAE.

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