2007 Mississippi Democratic Ticket Ranked By Funniest Hair

Welcome to the 2007 Mississippi Statewide Democratic Funny Hair Showdown. 

#1.  The undisputed heavyweight champion of the Democratic Candidates Goofy Hair Showdown 2007 is your Democratic Nominee for Secretary of State, Rob Smith who honestly looks like he has a dead possum on top of his head.



#2.The guy who knows all too well how to sell state contracts for campaign contributions but apparently has trouble buying a comb, your Attorney General Jim Hood



#3.Democratic Nominee for State Auditor Mike Sumrall comes in third on the strength of his promise to not only serve as Mississippi’s next auditor, but also his committment to moonlight as Mississippi’s official Santa Claus every December. 


#4. Ricky Cole, looks like a slick haired mobster from New Jersey.  What in the world am I missing here?  I have never seen anybody that has anything to do with Agriculture slick their hair back like that.  gross, what is that 10w-30?


#5.  Little Jamie Franks: this picture and haircut seriously takes me back to those awkward moments in high school yearbook photo hell.  Franks does appear to have the most defined “part” of any 2007 candidate.


#6.  Junior Eaves, see folks when you crop Angel out of the picture he looks even funnier.  This mulletesque haircut says to me “I wanna be guvna up front, but I still want a little party in the back” this ‘do would be right at home blowing in the breeze through the T-Top of a 71 Camaro.


#7. Rumors are circulating that Gary Anderson’s campaign for Insurance Commissioner and his Super-Sweet Moustache have been fully endorsed by Tom Selleck, that could make the difference November 6th.


Pile on folks, I am sure yall can help me improve my captions. 

If you have a different ranking order please post a comment.

I live for this stuff -ROM

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4 Comments on “2007 Mississippi Democratic Ticket Ranked By Funniest Hair”

  1. KingMaker Says:

    I’ve got to comment on these one by one.

    1) No doubt about Smith, he’s head and shoulders the winner. But, I think it looks more like a chinchilla than a possum.

    2) You would think that in exchange for all those state contracts that at least one of those high powered lawyer buddies would have taken him to John Edwards’ stylist.

    3) Mike “Curly” Sumrall is my favorite Democratic in the state at the moment, so I can’t bring myself to rip on him, but the Santa comment is classic.

    4) Do you know if Ricky Cole uses Dapper Dan or Fop?

    5) Jamie did you not know they were making pictures that day?

    6) Junior, junior, junior……everyone gets a bad hair day. Maybe you can use your Bible to flatten it down a little.

    7) Gary Anderson’s porn stach is classic. How could I rip on that?

    How did Southern District Highway man Wayne Brown get left off the list. Looks like he stole Wayne Newton’s rug……

  2. […] Democratic Big Hair Machine Posted on October 9, 2007 by Brett Kittredge Right of Mississippi has this insightful post ranking the statewide Democratic candidates in terms o…. I won’t copy his whole post, but give you some previews as to what you will […]

  3. John Says:

    I think the Franks picture is missing something. If you look at other pictures of him where the part is not as evident, his haircut looks like Jim Carey’s haircut in Dumb and Dumber. I would love to see a comparison!

  4. skoalrider Says:

    I havent laughed so hard in quite some time, your best post EVER!

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