Cotton Mouth: Jamie Franks on Phil Bryant’s Real Record

Thanks to the fellas at Cottonmouth for this one, not a bad little attack ad, not as pretty as some.  I came away from it thinking about the grocery tax and education so I suppose that is the central theme.


I just went back and read Cottonmouth, I have a TON of respect for those guys but the claim that no right wing group has even been able to prove that people have lost family farms over the estate tax is just silly.  Growing up on a farm in the late 70’s and early 80’s I used to go to farm and tax sales with my father at least once a month.  If you hit a couple dry years and then Grandpa passes, the kids get slapped with an enormous tax bill and are forced to pay dearly out of personal funds to the government to keep the land, sell some of it to pay the taxes, or just sell it all and be done with it.  I have seen it with my own two eyes dozens of times in my life, I don’t need some Right Wing group to prove it to me.

 Sorry Fellas, I’m still giving you your Hat-Tip, just had to vent for a second.

Cotton Mouth: Jamie Franks on Phil Bryant’s Real Record

 ROM Overall Grade: C- (for sloppy production)

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3 Comments on “Cotton Mouth: Jamie Franks on Phil Bryant’s Real Record”

  1. john leek Says:

    During the debate in the Senate when Republicans pushed to eliminate the estate tax Democrats challenged Anti-Government groups to give an example of an instance where the estate tax was the primary cause of a family farm going under. The groups were able to produce none. That is what I base that claim on.

    Truth is Republicans don’t particularly care about family farms because this is the only time you hear Republicans talk about them. The sad thing, at least for me, is that both parties have together put together horrible farm bills rewarding factory farms that break laws and pollute rather than encouraging cooperative agriculture that preserves communities and is actually better for the environment.

    Overall the estate tax issue is only one because ultra-wealthy families like the Waltons (ironically a family whose business puts small businesses out of business) fund advertising and initiatives aimed at tearing it down. It becomes important to conservative groups overall because of who is funding them, but that’s a topic for another day.

  2. MS Smitty Says:

    If that is Leek’s proof that is some mighty poor sourcing. Reading his blog it is clear he’ll believe anything, and everything, Democrats pump him with.

    By the way young John, our Senate wasn’t “Republican-controlled” in 2004. Another small factoid that wasn’t checked by our intrepid USM student.

  3. Ken Says:

    Democrats will never convince me of why the government should get 40% of my grandmother’s estate that she and my grandfather worked their entire lives every day in the sun and rain, farming, working two jobs, raising seven kids, etc…just because she dies. If she wants to give that to her children or charity or wants to will it to the United States treasury, that should be her decision. Heck, if she wants to give it to her cat, that estate does not belong to the government. Democrats will never win defending taxes, especially estate taxes. You can say all you want about Republicans and whether or not they care about family farms. But as long as they stand against the estate tax and Democrats stand for the estate tax, the Republicans will get my vote. It is indefensible.

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