Delbert Hosemann is “My Friend”

Hosemann delivers another Home-Run with follow up of “Gilbert” with “My Friend”

Delbert Hosemann’s campaign sent out a pre-release for bloggers this morning, (we do appreciate it guys) It makes sense that team Eggbert would move to capitalize on the success of the first ad. 

 According to the campaign, My Friend or more accurately (Gilbert version 2) is supposed to be a more serious spot and moves to put more focus on the issues while still using the same hook.

 More serious or not the line “Why didn’t you say something?” made me crack up out loud.

Hosemann has a great formula working here and delivers another home run on the strength of the actress’ skilled delivery and Hosemann’s sincere “straight man” appeal.

Is it too early to start talking about Gilbert for Governor 2011???

ROM Overall Grade: A+

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