Andy Taggart’s scorecard 3 weeks out..

Andy Taggart has posted his October 16th campaign scorecard: Red/Blue Blog

Today we are three weeks out from Election Day. I have updated my scorecard as follows:

Sure things for Republicans — Governor, Treasurer, Secretary of State and Auditor
Clear favorite for Republicans — Lieutenant Governor and Insurance Commissioner
Leaning Republican — Ag Commissioner
Toss up — Attorney General

It takes guts to put your name on predictions and I like that about Andy Taggart. Some other Bloggers need to step up to the plate (including myself) and put our credibility on the line.

Ours (yes I have collaborators now) will be out “sometime” soon.


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2 Comments on “Andy Taggart’s scorecard 3 weeks out..”

  1. RileyDad Says:

    ” Leaning Republican — Ag Commissioner”

    Is there a Republican in the Ag Com race ? 🙂

  2. RileyDad Says:

    According to his Blog entry today, Sid Salter wonders the same thing :

    Lester Spell: Johnny Come Lately Republican

    Voters should remember that Dr. Lester Spell, the Auburn veterinarian who took credit for the Mississippi Beef Processors plant when state officials held an elaborate grand opening ceremony for the project but since has denied any responsibility, was a lifelong Democrat before the Beef Plant boondoggle.
    Spell converted to the GOP in June, 2005, in an apparent effort to salvage his political career and to distance himself from House Democrats who helped him put the project together. In the 2007 elections, he’s thrown the Legislature, the Mississippi Development Authority, the media and anyone else who stand still long enough under the political bus in his effort to hide behind Republican coattails and win another term.
    Mississippi State voters should remember that Spell has actively blamed Mississippi State University for failing to come forward with negative forecasts about the plant’s viability – which is simply a lie. This guy has zero connection to MSU and zero interest in the future of that institution of higher learning. He’s an Auburn man – and he governs like it, too.
    Spell whines about the beef plant like Shug Jordan used to whine about the MSU cowbell.

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