Bryant v. Franks in the second dumbest fight of the LG campaign

Phil Bryant and Jamie Franks can’t agree on what exactly a “debate” is:

Webster says: 1de·bate

Pronunciation: \di-ˈbāt, dē-\
Function: noun
Date: 13th century : a contention by words or arguments: as a: the formal discussion of a motion before a deliberative body according to the rules of parliamentary procedure b: a regulated discussion of a proposition between two matched sides

Phil Bryant says: In one of the most bizarre episodes so far in the Lt. Governor’s campaign, apparently Jamie Franks has lost his Day Planner calendar. It’s the only plausible conclusion given the fact that Franks is claiming Phil Bryant will not debate him when the candidates have now had eight debates this year.

And in what has to be the strangest event of the campaign to date, Franks sent out a press release on October 10 saying Phil Bryant is “trying to duck even one debate where we can meet face to face and discuss the issues man to man.” Here’s what makes that statement so odd: On that same evening of October 10, just a few hours after Franks sent out that press release, Jamie Franks and Phil Bryant had a debate hosted by the Coast Young Professional group at the historic Saenger Theater in Biloxi. This debate had planned for several weeks and it was the eighth debate between the candidates, with an additional debate planned next week in Corinth.


Jamie Franks says: “The “debates” the Bryant Campaign states as being debates all have a few things in common: they either took place prior to the primary election, they were not broadcast on radio or TV, and they were strictly forums. Forums are simply a Q&A format with no rebuttal – a rebuttal being a necessary condition for an actual debate.”

As we see from the actual definition a regulated discussion of an issue between two matched sides, is a debate, but I do see Franks’ point.  Down here debate probably means something different than it does in yankeeland.


Bottom line: THIS IS THE SECOND STUPIDEST ARGUMENT OF THE 2007 ELECTION.  Amazingly it is not as dumb as Phil and Charlie Ross’ “who loves the guv more?” primary fight.  Please someone tell me that we have more pressing issues in the Lt. Governor’s race?  Although the day planner rebuttal is pretty funny as well as ironic, are they not having “public debate” over the definition of debate now? uhhhhhh….


For the Franks campaign:  SERIOUSLY?????


What is going on over there?  You folks are not thinking 2 steps ahead, blame Phil for the Beef Plant when your guy voted for it 3 times?  you cant tell me you didn’t see that coming.  And your next move is to complain he wont debate you when he can prove that the two candidates have been in the same room at “forums” discussing “issues” at the same time?  Y’all need to THINK if you want to have a chance.  Your campaign makes absolutely no sense to me right now. (Except the grocery tax ad, which I almost liked), but with the production quality on the air right now from other campaigns you better step it up a notch.


Credibility wins elections and Jamie Franks is not helping his, honestly it seems to me like he is just letting Phil Bryant off the hook, let’s face facts people Phil is not perfect but he is going to coast if Franks cant string together a coherent message on something people care about.


20 days to learn to think ahead Franks campaign, ready… set… GO!!



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