Delbert Hosemann Delivers the Goods on Voter ID!

Wow! proof that the liberals who oppose voter ID are flat our WRONG! Liberals (like Rob Smith) claim that voter ID is an issue that divides the state along racial lines. The Hosemann campaign apparently didn’t buy their argument and ran a survey. Surprise surprise now we have proof that these folks are full of hot air. What’s great is that they “think” they are pandering but actually they are hurting themselves.

Voter ID is my number 1 issue and all my avid readers know that. Linked below is a pdf of a polling memo from a company called Public Opinion Strategies that apparently conducted the polling, even I was amazed to see 81% support from the African American community on this issue.

Two Thumbs up for this line: “Rob Smith is barking up the wrong tree on voter ID” Press releases get extra points with me when they make me laugh. Seriously folks this looks to be pretty big news, will it silence the critics?

I know my buddy Steve Rankin over at Free Citizen will want to chime in on this one.



Hosemann Campaign Poll Shows Voter ID “Unifying” among Mississippi Voters

More than 90% of Mississippians favor Voter Identification

FLOWOOD – – The Delbert Hosemann for Secretary of State Campaign released polling data showing that 86% of Mississippians believe that voter fraud is an active problem in Mississippi elections. Further, 97% of Mississippi voters already possess a valid ID and 9 in 10 would support legislation requiring identification to vote as a means to combat election fraud.

Opponents of Voter Identification legislation, including Hosemann’s Democratic opponent Rob Smith, call Voter ID a “divisive” issue and “will stop people from voting” (Rob Smith- Laurel Leader Call, October 7th 2007). The facts clearly tell a different story.

Delbert Hosemann said, “From day one, I have promised to secure the votes of living Mississippi citizens and make sure that no legitimate voter is ever left out. The people of Mississippi are demanding more voter security and I intend to act on their behalf as your next Secretary of State. This data clearly shows that Mississippians think our election system is being threatened by voter fraud. The voters, like me, think this is totally unacceptable.”

“You can try and cut it any way you want but the numbers don’t lie,” said Campaign Manager Casey Phillips. “Rarely do you see an issue with such deep support all over the state; it is clear that Rob Smith is barking up the wrong tree on voter ID.”

The poll which was conducted by Public Opinion Strategies of Alexandria Virginia on September 25-26,2007, with a sample size of 500 likely voters with a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percent.


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3 Comments on “Delbert Hosemann Delivers the Goods on Voter ID!”

  1. Steve Rankin Says:

    Here’s an interesting situation with voter ID. Canada’s Parliament passed an amendment requiring each voter to show proof of identity and residential address.

    It turns out that a million-plus rural Canadians do not have addresses complete with street names and numbers.

  2. Carol Wood Says:

    Can voter ID be passed before the presidential election? It is essential for a fair election here in Mississippi. Thanks, Carol Wood

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