Hattiesburg American – A DEAD GUY VOTED!

Hattiesburg American – www.hattiesburgamerican.com – Hattiesburg, Miss.

Well here is proof for all you “there is no proof that voter fraud exists in Mississippi” people. Here you go, we have some proof.  How many times must I say it, WE NEED VOTER ID!

James E. Barnes, who died in February 2006, apparently voted in the August 7th 2007 primary. His signature appears on the receipt book for Precinct 31 in Bassfield.

Congratulations Mr. Barnes, it can’t be easy to vote from beyond the grave.

Mississippi must elect people who will deal with this problem and not turn a blind eye to our obvious election problems here.


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2 Comments on “Hattiesburg American – A DEAD GUY VOTED!”

  1. MS Smitty Says:

    The former owner of our home here in Jackson has been dead for about 12 years. We’ve owned the house for almost 10 years now. The dead former owner is still registered to vote at our address. We’ve personally contacted Hinds election officials 7-8 times to notify them about this one dead voter yet, for reasons that we’ve now concluded must only be the result of complete ineptitude, he is still registered to vote here. It wouldn’t surprise us at all that he votes from the grave in every election.

    There is a reason Democrats in Mississippi don’t want VoterID.

  2. Jacksonian Says:

    The statewide voter registry system that Eric Clark put in place makes tracking this kind of stuff much easier, if only the clerks and commissioners will use the darn thing. That system is set up to compare county records against social security admin. death records, national change of address records, etc. That system flags anyone who is questionable (ie., dead or iving in Alaska or such) and notifies the county. The commissioners, however, are the only people who legally can remove someone from the rolls. The state has no authority to do anything about a county that is failing in its duties.

    Clark had to drag the counties kicking and screaming into any form of accountability, by the way, and they hate him for it. I wonder if the statewide voter registry system is one of those horrible things that Rob Smith is going to “save” the counties from as SOS.

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