Why Rob Smith can NOT be Secretary of State Part 2


***UPDATED 10/29***

Rob Smith told the Sun Herald on 10/27 that he favors “election day registration” can you imagine the chaos that would be election day if Rob Smith were to win, absolutely no ID or verification of who is voting, 2 totally different voting systems, the state wrapped up in countless lawsuits for discriminating against disabled people and noncompliance with federal HAVA standards as well as same day registration so candidates can bus folks from precinct to precinct (or from out of state) letting them vote over and over again in as many polls as they can get to on election day.

Seriously folks you better vote against this guy if you want your vote to ever count again.

Hattiesburgamerican.com – Hattiesburg, Miss.

The Hattiesburg American Editorial Board was obviously as confused as I was when listening to Rob Smith’s rambling and incoherent interview that included such gem quotes as “I don’t want to talk about that issue because I don’t want to wind up on the front page of the paper and cause me to not be elected Secretary of State -Rob Smith Hattiesburg American Interview 2007”

The Hattiesburg American endorsed Delbert Hosemann for Secretary of State over Rob Smith and wrote the following article:

Hosemann for secretary of state

Two strong candidates are running for Secretary of State. Rob Smith, 56, Democrat, left the state Legislature in 2004 after serving a total of 24 years. He lost a bid to become state treasurer in 2003.

He was chairman of the Senate Agriculture and Corrections committees.

He is a Realtor in Richland.

Delbert Hosemann, 60, the Republican candidate, is an attorney with Phelps Dunbar in Jackson and specializes in tax law and is also a real estate developer.

He has been active in non-profits and is on several boards.

Both men had good ideas, especially regarding the management of 16th Section lands but we believe Hosemann would bring a fresh approach that would benefit the citizens of Mississippi.

Hosemann is a staunch advocate of voter reform. He would appoint a task force to work with the Legislature on passing a voter ID bill that would be constitutional and enforceable.

He would offer additional training for pollworkers and county circuit clerks. He supports early voting and would change where absentee ballots are presently kept.

He says he would be vigilant against voter intimidation and would make sure that any reports of voter intimidation – the flip side of the voter ID argument – are thoroughly investigated.

Hosemann would work to establish a business court that would “rejuvenate” how state businesses deal with each other. This promises to be a much more efficient system than what we have now. Business cases now get bogged down in circuit court. The court would be funded by filing fees paid by businesses.

Hosemann also wants to get an accurate inventory of 16th Section land. He wants to collect data that would allow schools boards to have comparative information.

Voter ID continues to be my number one issue in 2007 I will be voting straight Republican for Governor, Lt. Governor and Secretary of State. My endorsements will be out this week and they will not be straight Republican. Although I am committed to making sure that Rob (I pander to anyone who will listen) Smith gets beat.


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7 Comments on “Why Rob Smith can NOT be Secretary of State Part 2”

  1. Jacksonian Says:

    Question — where did Smith make that “I don’t want to talk about that issue …” quote? I have no doubt he said it, but I want to see the article so I can forward it to someone I am having an argument with.

  2. rightofmississippi Says:

    The quote is from the audio transcript from his editorial board interview with the Hattiesburg American, the audio file is available on the HA website.

  3. Jacksonian Says:


  4. Steve Rankin Says:

    A few years ago, when Rob Smith was a member of the legislature, I heard him say on MPB– with great emotion– that he was in favor of the “open primary” (nonpartisan elections). That must be one of the issues he was referring to in the HA interview, since he hasn’t mentioned it at all in his campaign.

  5. Jacksonian Says:

    I must be wearing my best “moron” this week, because I can’t find that audio on the HA site at all. Found the page with the downloads, can’t find that particular one. Does anyone have a direct link?

  6. rightofmississippi Says:

    Jacksonian, I had the file downloaded but cant figure out any way to make it play, i uploaded it to this site that hosts audio online but i have never used it before.

    It is hilarious though: ENJOY!



  7. Jacksonian Says:

    Ahh, thanks much. I need a good laugh today.

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