Delbert Hosemann had an ace in the hole, and his name is Simon

Frankly we didn’t expect to see another ad out of the Hosemann camp this year, lucky for the voters of Mississippi they had one more up their sleeve.

Hosemann’s new ad “Simon” looks to be a more serious (issue based/candidate in the camera) type, yet the production quality is great and they maintain the warm and positive feel that have brought their campaign this far.

We have yet to hear anything out of his Democratic opponent Rob Smith (I don’t expect to either as my Democratic campaign sources tell me that the Smith campaign has been a miserable failure)

The dog is an excellent idea, Hosemann seems to interact well when sharing the screen.

Many of the people I talk to on the street express that they are tired of negative ads, I happen to love them but that is just personal preference.  At the end of a campaign when there is nothing but mud on the screen, a positive ad campaign like this really stands out to us.

ROM Overall Grade: A

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3 Comments on “Delbert Hosemann had an ace in the hole, and his name is Simon”

  1. Jacksonian Says:

    And who votes against a man who has a DOG???? Vick-lovers?

    Fweet wittle puppy — loves me some puppy dog! 🙂

    Puppy-love aside, it’s a good substance ad. “Election Fraud” covers a number of activities, each of which could be the pet issue of different groups. I like the idea of the SOS getting much more active in this area.

  2. MS Smitty Says:

    Hosemann also has the freedom to stay positive because his opponent is invisible. If Smith was funded I’m guessing the situation would be different.

    In any event, I think Hosemann’s 1st and 3rd (the one above) ads were good. He could have either skipped the 2nd one, IMO, or run this Simon ad earlier and with more rotation.

  3. KingMaker Says:

    Very good follow-up ad. I liked it. ROM check out my latest update for some interesting questions posed to Junior.

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