2007 Mississippi Statewide Election Predictions

Right of Mississippi 2007 Predictions:

This is on record 7 days out, we have carefully studied all of these campaigns for nearly a year now and this is our best guess on the final outcome.


Haley Barbour: 58.4%

John Arthur Eaves Jr: 41.6%


Phil Bryant: 56.1%

Jamie Franks: 43.9%


Delbert Hosemann: 55.9%

Rob Smith: 44.1%

Attorney General: SAFE DEM

Jim Hood: 55.3%

Al Hopkins: 44.7%

State Treasurer: VERY SAFE GOP

Tate Reeves: 60.1%

Shawn O’Hara: 39.9%


Stacey Pickering: 51.8%

Mike Sumrall: 48.2%


Gary Anderson: 51.0%

Mike Chaney: 49.0%

Commissioner of Agriculture: TOO CLOSE TO CALL

Lester Spell: 40.4%

Rickey Cole: 39.5%

Les Riley: 20.1%

The 3 of us here at ROM personally called through our address books and got responses from about 50 voters, hardly a random sample but it helped us please feel free to discuss and disagree, things could change in the next week and we will show updates if we make them.  Make your own scorecard and we can compare in a week.


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7 Comments on “2007 Mississippi Statewide Election Predictions”

  1. skoalrider Says:

    Not too shabby fellas, this looks like a realistic outcome, some of the spreads are a little more than I think they might end up being. Of course that is all a function of voter turnout and there is no way to predict that.

    Bravo for going on record and putting your reputation behind your analysis, most bloggers are too scared.

  2. […] . . . let’s just hope he’s wrong about the 5 to 8% and we even get in excess of the 20 % that Right of Mississippi ( a Conservative Republican site) is guessing. We can still win. Keep working ! ( the post about […]

  3. john leek Says:

    Do you really think Rickey will get fewer votes than every other Democrat including Shawn O’Hara?

    Plus I’d say Riley gets 1/3 of your prediction.

    I disagree on others, but that’s the biggest thing.

  4. MS Smitty Says:

    Mathematics must not be taught these days @ USM. The prediction is a percentage of the total, not actual votes.

  5. rightofmississippi Says:

    Never said I was clairvoyant, I could be way off but I don’t think so. There is a lot of confusion in the AG commissioners race. I believe that Riley will take votes from both Spell and Cole. Truthfully it is the race I have paid the least attention to. Lets’ see your calls and we can discuss the differences. Mine are on record and being wrong on a couple is the chance you take for nailing a couple.

  6. KingMaker Says:

    If Riley gets 20% of the vote it will spell a loss for Spell. Riley won’t exactly be pulling from Cole’s base. Cole’s base is the ACLU’ers, the NAACP’ers and other hard core liberals. Being that Riley is the only true conservative in the race, I can’t see him holding Cole’s numbers down more than Spells.

  7. rightofmississippi Says:

    You are probably right… I have no idea what is going to happen in that race at all. I am a lot more confident in all of my other calls.

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