Mississippi Students give us the best poll of Mississippi 2007 thus far

Mississippi Secretary of State’s “Promote the Vote” Program mock election results are in, visit the SOS website to see a list of participating schools, it is quite extensive and diverse.  Results of the statewide Mock Election for the top 4 statewide spots are as follows:


All Participating Schools

Governor Votes Pct
Haley Barbour (Republican) 17,457 63
John Arthur Eaves, Jr. (Democratic) 10,110 37
Total Votes Cast 27,567 100
Lieutenant Governor Votes Pct
Phil Bryant (Republican) 16,953 62
Jamie Franks (Democratic) 10,236 38
Total Votes Cast 27,189 100
Secretary of State Votes Pct
Delbert Hosemann (Republican) 15,677 59
Rob Smith (Democratic) 11,121 41
Total Votes Cast 26,798 100
Attorney General Votes Pct
Jim Hood (Democratic ) 14,204 53
Al Hopkins (Republican ) 12,782 47
Total Votes Cast 26,986 100

I am amazed I would say the percentages may be a touch closer but I am certain that they nailed the actual outcome 4 for 4.


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3 Comments on “Mississippi Students give us the best poll of Mississippi 2007 thus far”

  1. Jacksonian Says:

    “Promote the Vote” is a great program and one of the best things Clark did as SOS. I believe the program has civic education activities for students K-12. Students who actively participate in it will become more responsible voters as a result.

    The numbers make the kids look pretty smart as it is ….

  2. KingMaker Says:

    Very true, the reason is that many Democrats drop out of school early, thus skewing the numbers to the GOP in higher grades.

  3. Anne McGee Says:

    I am so pleased to read the comments in the British Newspsper. Who knows. Haley is one of the best people to run for govenor and why not for the 2008 election. Rudy Jiuliani may need a Southerner as a running mate.
    Lets hope .

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