Rickey Cole goes after Commissioner Spell

Rickey Cole contrast ad against Lester Spell

I think Cole has run a pretty decent campaign, his platform is pretty strong and this ad has some pop to it.

My only complaint is his slicked back hair, I think he uses some heavy grease on that do.

Cole is a captivating speaker a pleasure to talk to and although he and I probably agree on very little he may wind up earning my vote.

ROM Overall Grade: B-

Hattip: Cottonmouth 

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2 Comments on “Rickey Cole goes after Commissioner Spell”

  1. rickey cole Says:

    It’s mousse, not grease. When you get as much gray hair as I have, you have to hold ’em down with something!

  2. KingMaker Says:

    I could have sworn is was Dapper Dan Pomade. I have nothing personnel against Rickey Cole, but I cannot vote for someone who has such close ties to the ACLU, State Democrat Party, AFL-CIO and other union groups. I have little doubt that he’ll be the next Ag commissioner, but it won’t be on my vote. I’ll vote Les Riley. I can’t abandon my conservative values just because the GOP is running a wasteful liberal against the Democrats wasteful liberal.

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