Can I vote for Karlie Smith???

Here is a TV ad (if you want to call it that) from ROM’s least favorite candidate of 2007, Rob Smith.

I only post this because we think Karlie Smith’s legs  (we think that is Karlie assuming a left to right order in his newspaper ad) really deserve to be on TV more than I am sure the Smith Campaign can afford to keep them there.

The really sad part is this ad appears to be an attempt to spin off from his opponent Delbert Hosemann’s ads although I still don’t understand what it means at all.  Will someone please explain the point of this ad?  Are they insinuating that that the old lady from Hosemann’s ad is really Smith’s mother???  And what exactly are the 2 girls doing in the background?  looks to me like they are pretending to hang a sign that is already hung….

Well regardless ROM has a new Democratic girl crush, Angel Eaves is old news now that Karlie Smith is on the scene.  Although I am sorry that her foray into the political spotlight had to be this ugly TV spot.

Did they record this on Betamax??  I mean seriously, this is bad…

I would bet that this ad is quite a bit too little, and a whole lot too late.

ROM Overall Grade: D+ (the (+) is for what we think MIGHT be an attempt at a humorous attack that didn’t come through, and for Karlie & Tara, they seem nice)

P.S. Because we think Rob Smith could possibly be the scariest candidate for office in 2007 we felt obligated to include this nice letter to the editor in today’s Clarion Ledger about Mr. Rob Smith from one of his former constituents:

November 2, 2007

Rob Smith too rude for secretary of state office

Secretary of state candidate Rob Smith was the representative for four years and then the senator for 20 years in our district.

On several issues I tried to voice my concerns to Smith only to be rudely silenced by heavy sighs and/or snide remarks. At one point Mr. Smith told me that I was not smart enough or well enough informed to make decisions for Mississippi. I was to leave that to him. He went on to say that if I had as much education as he did that maybe I could make some decisions. I am not sure how such an ill-mannered person would fit in such an important post.

Robert Smith is the most arrogant, self-serving elected official I have ever had the misfortune of meeting. I, for one, do not want a career politician who served for 24 years and can only point to things he supported, not things he accomplished in his tenure.

Alice Stevens



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14 Comments on “Can I vote for Karlie Smith???”

  1. Jacksonian Says:

    Let this be a lesson to legislators everywhere! BE NICE TO YOUR CONSTITUENTS, EVEN THE ONES YOU DISAGREE WITH. They have LOOOOOONG memories, and ways to get in touch with larger-circulation newspapers when you are running for state office!

  2. sdc Says:

    Get a life! Rob Smith is the best person for the job. This is the most nasty rignt wing website. I ever seen… I was voting for Hosemann, but now I know I am voting for Rob Smith!!!!!

  3. rightofmississippi Says:

    SDC, obviously you are not very familiar with this blog, we are pretty even handed on most races and we call it like we see it. Rob Smith is flat out the worst candidate running for any statewide office in 2007, his campaign platform is not only dangerous, but mostly illegal as his proposals are mostly in direct violation of federal election laws, including the Help America Vote Act of 2002. Our endorsements have never been 100% Republican and I doubt if they ever will be. So I would consider “nasty right wing” to be a pretty unfair statement…

    Feel free to vote however you want, from what we hear Rob Smith will lose very badly Tuesday and that will be a victory for Mississippi…

    Get educated a little before you go casting stones. You don’t know what you are talking about.


  4. skoalrider Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Great Post, This ad makes absolutely no sense, he should have just put the hot daughters front and center. Now that might have earned him some votes.

    Haven’t seen it on TV yet, is he playing it or just put it out online?

  5. trt Says:

    Come on get a life. Find something else to talk about! I cannot support this blog anymore or who you guys support. Please stop you are making us “R” look bad! Please….

  6. rightofmississippi Says:

    Sorry, we have no plans to stop. That is the beauty of blogging we keep writing and you can read it if you want, or not. We are not candidates we are voters and we have a whole lot of fun. I suggest that you RELAX!!

  7. Mississippi101 Says:

    Go Rob Smith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Mississippi Voter 12 Says:

    Rob Smith has more experience, personality and better interest for the state of Mississippi than any other candidate in the past few elections. And because we live in a place that people will vote based on what there told (Republicans)instead of knowing their candidates experience and educational background. People wonder why Mississippi is last in education and top in teen pregnancy. I would much rather have someone who has served 24 years in the house and the senate than a washed up lawyer that has the money to make “cute adds” but mainly has no experience on the important issues.

  9. rightofmississippi Says:

    MS Voter 12, You must be joking, have you looked online and seen Hosemann’s Resume? Obviously not… I don’t need to defend him though 59-41 says it pretty clearly.

    Rob Smith was probably the worst candidate among all of the statewides, just because you know him or drank the cool aid doesn’t change that.

    Thank goodness I hope I never have to write about him ever again.

  10. Jacksonian Says:

    Mississippi Voter 12, I share your concern about education — if for no other reason that the grammatical errors in your rant.

  11. Jacksonian Says:

    And in my own response. 🙂

  12. I have to clear a few things up! First, my father was the best candidate for Secretary of State, he had several good plans to save the taxpayers money and to protect elections in this state. He is NOT against Voter ID, he never has been. I agree that some reform needs to take place, but in relation to the illegal immigration issue, there is nothing a state wide politician can do about – that is a federal issue. Now, voter fraud seems to be a growing concern, and some protections need to be set in place to ensure that “dead” people don’t vote. My father agreed that some action is needed, but he wanted to get feedback from the circuit clerks, etc., in implementing a plan to combat voter fraud. Moving on, it is sad to know that a candidate seeking a statewide office has to raise millions of dollars to win – meaning that it doesn’t matter what you stand for or what experience you have, for that matter, if you have the money to run “cute” commercials to get name recognition. It is also a shame to see the stigma that comes along with putting a “D” behind your name on the ballot. All of a sudden, you are a crazy liberal. Look at my father’s voting record, it is anything but liberal! As a senator, he wrote some of the toughest crime legislation as chairman of the corrections committee. And there is no way that the NRA and the MS Right to Life would have endorsed a “liberal” for 24 consecutive years! And last, I must address the ridiculous letter to the editor by Alice Stevens. This lady is obviously a nut! My father is anything but arrogant, in fact, he is the most humble person I know. He comes from a poor background, my grandparents were sharecroppers and my grandfather is a World War II Purple Heart veteran – and they raised my father and aunts and uncles right! There is no way in heaven my father said those comments to that lady, it is just not plausible to believe anything she said! My father doesn’t even know that lady! I wonder how much she was paid to write that article, and I think it is a little fishy how it popped up a couple days before the election. I do not mean to come off combative, because I do respect this blog and every opinion that people post on it.

  13. rightofmississippi Says:

    Well Well, I didn’t know that “Mississippi Voter” was a celebrity? Are you Tara or Karlie? We never met your father but so all we had were news articles and a couple of recorded interviews to go on, obviously we have nothing against him as a person, politics is politics and we disagree with his reported positions.

    Well maybe his choice of hair-do can you please explain that?

    Seriously though if your dad had the better commercials I highly doubt you would be upset about them. Rob Smith, Mike Lott, and Jeffrey Rupp have all served their state (well in most cases) but they ran face first into the biggest Juggernaut campaign of 2007 and there is no denying that fact. Hosemann came out of nowhere in February and is a household name today, and on some level you have to respect that.

    P.S. If you go on a date with me I will remove the Alice Stevens letter

  14. Ha Ha, I’m not going to reveal which sister I am, but I will say that my father is stubborn and not too responsive to up – to – date hair dos. I’m not upset about Hosemann’s commercials, there were very clever. All I’m saying is that “cute” commercials should not push voters to vote for one candidate over the other. People should take pride in voting, and take time to look at each candidate’s qualifications. I still believe that one should vote for the person, not a party. I respect Hosemann, but for the fact that he had private detectives digging up my parent’s divorce records from 20 years ago at the court house. Guess he realized that bringing irrelevant divorce proceedings up would tarnish his “Forest Gump” image. The thing I’m most upset over, is the fact that my father is a true public servant – he ran for the House of Representatives (before he was a senator) many years ago because he was upset with the way things were going in legislature….and one of his friends told him to run and make a difference. He did just that. He has never been involved in politics for the glory, rather he sacrificed his time with his kids, and his life for that matter, in coming up with ideas that have benefited all of the people in this state. He did so while raising two little girls by himself – that is pretty amazing. He is the finest person that I know, and would give any person the shirt off his back if he/she needed it. I know that politicians subject themselves/families to public scrutiny and opinion, I’m just letting people know that there is a personal side to politics. My father would have made a great Secretary of State, because he cares so much about the people of this state and about Mississippi.

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