More PROOF of Voter Fraud in Coahoma County Mississippi

 Clarksdale Press Register

Circuit Judge Frank Vollor of Vicksburg has thrown out Coahoma County Sheriff Andrew Thompson Jr.’s victory in the Aug. 7th Democratic Primary and called for for the governor to order a runoff between Thompson and Friars Point Police Chief Charles Jones.

Vollor, who presided over a hearing Oct. 26 in Coahoma County Circuit Court, ruled Friday that “all of the absentee ballots (from the Aug. 7 primary) should be disqualified” because of the illegal ballots included in the absentee vote.”
“It is impossible to segregate the illegal votes from the legal votes,” Vollor said, referring to Harpole v. Kemper County Democratic Executive Committee, Mississippi 2005.

Jones filed a complaint with the office of Coahoma County Circuit Court following the Aug. 7 election in which Thompson received 50.16 votes to Jones’ 32.08 percent of the votes.

Jones contended that more than 100 absentee ballots had not been properly witnessed and signed.

During the Oct. 26 hearing, Vollor called for the ballots. Once Vollor looked at each ballot individually he declared 124 ballots had not been signed to validate the votes.

Vollor studied the matter at length during the past week. His other option, a much simpler decision, would have been to affirm the election results.

Thompson and his attorney, Ellis Pittman, argued that since fraud had not been alleged or proven, the number of illegal votes counted although more than the 11-vote margin by which Thompson was declared the winner in August.

Thompson argued that the illegal votes should “approach a percentage of the total vote in the proximity of 30 percent.”
Vollor did not buy the contention from Thompson and Pittman.

Vollor said since nearly one-fourth of the absentee ballots were illegal, “this is a total departure from the fundamental provisions of the election code and there is no way to determine for whom these illegal votes were cast.”

The Coahoma County Democratic Executive Committee had certified the results from August as being proper, declaring Thompson the winner by a scant 11 votes (50.16 percent). There were five candidate opposing Thompson’s re-election to a sixth four-year term.

Vollor said Thompson’s argument would have had merit if he had also won a majority at the polls.

The question then would have been whether the percentage of the absentee votes disqualified to the total vote cast still required a special question.

Richard “Flip” Phillips, the main attorney representing Jones, said after Vollor’s ruling:
“I am convinced Charles Jones represents the future of the Mississippi Delta,” Phillips said. “He is an honest, hard-working young man who believes a better way of life is ahead for Coahoma County residents.

“He wants to aggressively address the gang and crime problems that stand in the way of that better life,” Phillips said. “A growing majority of Coahoma County citizens are sharing his view.”

Assisting Phillips during the protracted legal work getting the case to fruition was Parker Still.

Both are members of a Batesville law firm.

Parker is the city attorney for Batesville.

Phillips said working the case brought inspiration to Parker and him as they look to the vision of change in Northwest Mississippi.

“This is the new face of the Mississippi Delta,” he said.
©Clarksdale Press Register 2007

I am just going to keep posting this stuff as long as the Democrats continue to try and tell me that there is no voter fraud in Mississippi.

Once again and this is VERY SIMPLE:

Barbour, Bryant, & Hosemann will fight voter fraud

Eaves, Franks & Smith refuse to acknowledge the problem and will do nothing to protect your vote. 


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