Trent Lott to Step Down This Year!

Shocking news for Mississippi!

Politico is reporting that our beloved Trent Lott will step down at the end of this year, Barbour will appoint his replacement and a special election will need to be held in November 2008.  I believe this may cause havoc for quite a few elected officials, and cause more special elections down-ticket?

Who will it be Wicker or Pickering?

Politico (link) 

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3 Comments on “Trent Lott to Step Down This Year!”

  1. thewolf Says:

    God forbid that Chipmunk becomes senator. He needs to keep dancing under the tent with Borat. When I was in Wahington his office was the ONLY one of the entire Mississippi delegation that would not meet with us, and I lived in his district! His interests have always been elsewhere. Maybe Jim Herring will nudge him again like he had to do when he wanted to resign a few years back to become a lobbyist.

  2. RileyDad Says:

    1) Barbour appoints Wicker — who wants to move up — to fill Trent’s seat & the GOP makes sure that he is the consensus GOP candidate. With Hillary to run against, no way Wicker will lose this seat in Mississippi unless . . .

    2) Barbour appoints Merle Flowers — who worked for Roger Wicker for years, is the heir apparent, and can raise money like you wouldn’t believe. Merle runs for Dist. 1 in a fairly safe GOP District as the incumbant. With more money, the GOP machine behind him, and (again) Hillary to run against Merle should be a shoo-in to hold this seat for the GOP unless . . . .

    3) Merle’s State Senate seat is filled by a Barbour appointee who then runs in a special election in what is possibly the strongest GOP seat in Mississippi .

    It is a slam dunk, win-win-win for the Republican Party and a chance for some loyal soldiers to get a promotion unless the Miss. Democratic Party somehow get miraculously more organized than they have been in recent years and/ or a solid third party/ independent/ “maverick” Republican throws his hat in the ring in one or more of these races and pulls a significant portion of the conservative vote away from the establishment Republican pick.

    Just my 2 bits,

    Les Riley

  3. RileyDad Says:

    I had a business trip last week to Louisville, KY. Staying out of the state/ loop for a week can cause you to put your foot in your mouth if you don’t read up before you speak.

    Just read that Merle Flowers has adamantly declared that he will not be seeking Wicker’s seat if Roger moves up.

    “The jury will disregard the previous statement”

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