Because Cash on Hand is King!

Updated COH numbers for MS-03 

1. David Landrum:  $244,361

2. John Rounsaville: $129,345

3. Charlie Ross: $100,684

4. Gregg Harper:  $96,611

This Race will come down to the wire.  We still like Ross at this point, but have very few problems with Landrum or Rounsaville.


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5 Comments on “Because Cash on Hand is King!”

  1. elizabeth15 Says:

    Have you ever met Charlie Ross?

    I have a friend who was gung ho about Charlie Ross. She was going to go page for him in the Senate, and that was all she could talk about. She thought he was the best thing that every walked the earth. Then she met him. When she returned from a week spent in his office she told me, “He is the most hateful man I have ever spent time with. He wouldn’t even look me in the eye when he talked to me!”

    In a business where charisma is what makes the difference for the constituents, do you want “the most hateful man ever” representing you?

  2. rightofmississippi Says:

    Yes we have met Charlie Ross and disagree totally with your friends assessment, Charlie is a nice guy and is a dedicated public servant.

  3. Conservative Republican Guy Says:

    Ross seems to me like he looks down on most people. I want a candidate that is humble, and will listen to the needs of his district. I think Landrum has the strongest value set of the bunch. He gets my vote.

  4. a freind and neighbor: Jim Cooper Says:

    I have known Charlie Ross for many years. He is a good Christian man, a dedicated husband to Sharron and a loving parent to his boys. He has served Mississippi and our country with dedication and perseverance. Mississippi is a better place because of his leadership. Charlie is not the type of person who looks down on others but he is the type of person others look up to. He cares about people and he cares about the place he calls home, Mississippi. Charlie is the type of person who makes up his mind what is right and gets it done. His record in the legislature speaks for itself. He is the best choice, bar none for congress. He’s a leader and he’s a fighter. and he has my support and my vote.

  5. Jeremiah Says:

    Well…..I certainly hope that it doesn’t come down to “cash being King”. That would be a shame! I have met David, Charlie and John. While they are all great candidates and nice guys and probably all do a decent job if elected…….I’m not looking for decent. There is only ONE candidate in my opinion that brings a forward thinking mindset to compliment his proven experience…..JOHN ROUNSAVILLE! John is the ONLY candidate that clearly is ahead of the rest of the names on the ticket. If you are not familiar with John…..then shame on you for voting and NOT scratching deeper to understand his experience and what makes him EXACTLY who Mississippi needs in Washington!

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